Two for Tuesday


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For Texture Tuesday





Adjusted in Lightroom, transferred into Photoshop. I added kk_claires texture twice and adjusted the opacity. I added a Anna Aspnes brush.





Completely processed in Lightroom, I used ‘Classic Warm’ to create a retro look. I also added the text using the identity plate in the print module…



Texture Tuesday –


Listening to this such lovely music  Show of Hands listen HERE

Sometimes I find inspiration all around other days not so much…You have to grab it and run when it does appear… This last week it has been all about still life.



 kk_waterfront27 and one of Kim’s brushes


Showcasing some of my favourite props. Pretty fabric, bottle,  ribbon and hearts lots of hearts….



Texture Tuesday – Down and Dirty


What I’m listening to Kathleen Edwards – from the album ‘Voyageur’  listen HERE

 When you are able to sit without any image or any sound, with an open mind, that is true practice. When you can do that, you are free from everything.

–  Shunryn Suzuki

We took a trip to Bath on Sunday it’s an hour and a half from where we live, but we only visit every few months or so. Bath is a World Heritage Site and consequently it is always full of visitors so not very good for photographers unless you are a street photographer ! Then there are buskers, market stalls and all sorts of folk. They have the best craft and sewing shop called The Makery, where they run workshops and sell what I always call haberdashery such a great word, check them out HERE. Also Anthropologie has opened so of course we had to visit and I bought the cutest….. you’ll have to wait till Friday for that !



I went gritty with these images and used a Project Life template for speed, and Kim’s canvasback texture.






Be Still weeks 27, 28 and 29

Be Still 52, Blog

It’s catch up time. For weeks 27, 28 and 29 I used the same chair with different props.









Using black foam core, Kim’s texture ‘magic film’ and a preset that I created called, ‘green bottle’. I had to use a tripod the light was very poor but I’m pleased with the outcome…

Weeks 28 and 29, 3 things a chair and side light.



A little felt heart I made, with a card from Liz Lamoreux and a pretty plaster heart I picked up on my travels. I used a preset I made called ‘chalk’ then into PS for a texture or two.




The light is coming from the right and I love the tiny bit of shadow on the cap. Again same preset and Kim’s texture ‘aurora’ a particular favourite.





Finally a sweet little jug, a pink heart and a little hanging bag that I made. Can you guess I love hearts !!!!



What I’m listening to  Lisa Gerrard – Now we are Free (from the film Gladiator)

The year is nearly over. In general it has been a good year. My two children have shaken off their wings and flown, one to travel and one to succeed in his chosen field.I think there will be challenges ahead but we will be there on the sidelines cheering them on. As for us well, it’s a matter of choosing the next step along the yellow brick road. I have a few ideas in the pipeline, who knows whether I will succeed , but I won’t know until I try. Mark continues to be my rock and I think we will plan some short adventures, health and weather permitting.




I’m still playing around with my word that sums up my hopes and dreams for the next 12 months.




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What I’m listening to Steeleye Span – Gaudete a wonderful piece of music for the Christmas period

I’m currently following a mindfulness programme. The idea of having a mind with too many windows open like a computer really resounds with me. You fill up your mind with so many open pages that your mind seizes up, all the old anxieties and memories rise to the surface and you become exhausted and stressed.





Even though I don’t work and spend a fairly solitary life I can still feel myself stressed full of emotion and worry. So I’m going  to try to declutter my mind, close off some of those windows that should have been deleted years ago.


paperishleavesP1010030 kk_paperish

I’m going to be starting a series of journal pages documenting this on my blog, I hope you will visit and check them out.



To all my American friends have a wonderful, happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.



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Friday a Rediscovery

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What I’m listening to  Natalie Merchant – House Carpenter’s Daughter

As the autumn moves into winter the urge to cuddle up with a cuppa and a book seems more attractive than getting blown apart and rained on. So on days when photography is not possible I hope to pull out some of my books and rediscover and learn. The little books are altered books that I created years ago when I was part of a Yahoo group. We would create some pages and then pass it on to the next one in the group. Finally your book would land on your mat full of beautiful art from people all over the world.




I hope to return to some form of hands on art over the winter even if it is just some background pages for scrapping.




Happy Friday…











Texture Tuesday – From the Archives.

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I thought I would go back through my archives from November 2013.


An old butcher’s bike (using kk_stamped) I love the texture of the brick wall.




This image was taken on a frosty clear morning before the terrible flooding that happened on the Somerset Levels


Taken with my iPhone I used kk_dollard_grunge.



I took this at last years Remembrance parade in Taunton. When 40 Commando along with Scouts, Explorers and members of the British Legion march through the town, and finish at the memorial in the park to lay poppy wreaths in memory of all those that have died in conflict.



And here is 40 Commando marching through Taunton.




Lest we forget