Texture Tuesday


Good morning is Spring or Autumn with you yet ?  I feel the seasons are slow to change this year, one step forward and one step back or am I just more impatient ? A bit of both I think….



These lilacs sum up my feelings on Spring, glorious, uncertain, full of fragrance and over all too quickly..




I’m currently following prompts from Liz Lamoreux on her Hand to Heart Facebook page. This month the prompts are Prompts of Everyday Beauty and today’s prompt is ‘Your own Backyard’ so all the images today are from my garden or the sunroom in my garden… If you want to check out Liz’s website it’s HERE

I’ve created this post on my iPad mini using photographs taken on my iPhone as an experiment today.


The quote is from Julia Child.  Apps used Typic, Project Life app, Over and Rhonna Designs.




Here comes the Rain

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Hello Texture Tuesday. i’m so glad I took some blossom photos yesterday because today the weather forecast is not good. As photographers how often do you check the weather forecast before you grab your camera ? I’d love to know….

Over in The Studio Online Kim’s prompt is potting sheds, the greenhouse needs a good clean so many cobwebs ! So I took my potting shed into the garden.


Some of the flowers were taken from the grass, the lilac from the fence…

I have created a new soft preset called berrily blue, It’s one of Kim’s that I have tweaked…





The little jar is a tealight holder but it works well as a vase…




I love hearts and the paper was part of a little packet that contained a wedding invitation, more about that in June….



Finally a layout. lilaclove


Supplies by Anna Aspnes, Breakaway and Spring Showers.

I hope the sun shines where you are today…..


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Tuesday – Tales from Londontown.


Well here I am in the big city or, ‘up the smoke’ as my east London relatives would say….

Every where you look there is an icon, Big Ben or St Stephen’s Tower to give it it’s proper title is almost the symbol of London. I was sitting on the Southbank having a morning Starbucks when it sounded 9 o’clock this morning, what a majestic sound.




 Texture by Kim (magic script)

 In Trafalgar Square there is a temporary installation on the fourth plinth there is an explanation HERE if you are interested.



 Brushes by Anna Aspnes, textures by Kim (stamped softly) and DistressedFX


Walking along the Thames at twilight just as the lamps are lit…


Processed in Lightroom using Kim’s preset (chocolate)

We have two more days here so plenty of icons to visit I love London, but it is hard on the feet….


P.S. Anthropologie wow….


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Two for Tuesday


What I’m listening to — Family by The Thompson Family learn about it HERE

For Texture Tuesday





Adjusted in Lightroom, transferred into Photoshop. I added kk_claires texture twice and adjusted the opacity. I added a Anna Aspnes brush.





Completely processed in Lightroom, I used ‘Classic Warm’ to create a retro look. I also added the text using the identity plate in the print module…



Thoughts from the Desktop


What I’m listening to a wonderful Bristolian musician Jim Moray listen HERE

Its been some time since I have written a blog post about anything other than photography and digital art. I supppose it is because now my focus has turned towards creating rather than writing. I find I can express myself more fully through photography than anything else.


 Bristol Harbour using kk_branded



I hope to turn towards more contemplative work as the year progresses. To me my pictures can express my feelings far better than words.





The sight of a sun flare, a seagull on a post, some rusty chains all these can express in me some reaction or emotion. Project Life is a great way to document daily life, my artistic work leans more to expressing an emotion. And then there is landscape and urban photography, so many choices.




Bristol wall art…



I don’t think I will ever be able to concentrate fully on any particular genre I am a definitely ‘go with the flow’ type. I still ‘shoot from the hip’ that is why my most spontaneous shots are my favourites.



Starring today is the wonderful city of Bristol, it has just become European Green Capital for 2015. Full of history and vibrancy, both alternative and arty, home of Banksy. Both of my  children will be living there soon so I hope to explore more. As a taster check this out HERE


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Texture Tuesday –


Listening to this such lovely music  Show of Hands listen HERE

Sometimes I find inspiration all around other days not so much…You have to grab it and run when it does appear… This last week it has been all about still life.



 kk_waterfront27 and one of Kim’s brushes


Showcasing some of my favourite props. Pretty fabric, bottle,  ribbon and hearts lots of hearts….



Texture Tuesday – Slow Down


What I’m listening to Richard Thompson – Wall of Death from the album Acoustic Classics listen HERE  (terrible picture quality)


Fight against the urge to rush, savour experiences, explore their meanings, learn from them. Take the time to register your feelings.

Turn experiences into wisdom.

– Patrick Lindsay


This so neatly ties into mindful practise. To be in the ‘being’ mode to temporarily suspend judgment. To stand aside and watch the world as it unfolds to be just still. I find this difficult, to be able to approach a problem or situation without any preconceptions. This will be a daily battle but I’m determined to persevere.






The light was wonderful on Sunday. Blue sky, frost and sun a perfect combination. The tree is smothered in Mistletoe probably not good for the tree but a great subject for photography…









So this week why don’t you slow down and breathe…


Texture Tuesday – Down and Dirty


What I’m listening to Kathleen Edwards – from the album ‘Voyageur’  listen HERE

 When you are able to sit without any image or any sound, with an open mind, that is true practice. When you can do that, you are free from everything.

–  Shunryn Suzuki

We took a trip to Bath on Sunday it’s an hour and a half from where we live, but we only visit every few months or so. Bath is a World Heritage Site and consequently it is always full of visitors so not very good for photographers unless you are a street photographer ! Then there are buskers, market stalls and all sorts of folk. They have the best craft and sewing shop called The Makery, where they run workshops and sell what I always call haberdashery such a great word, check them out HERE. Also Anthropologie has opened so of course we had to visit and I bought the cutest….. you’ll have to wait till Friday for that !



I went gritty with these images and used a Project Life template for speed, and Kim’s canvasback texture.






Thoughts from an early morning

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Music I’m listening to Krista Detor – Robert Johnson has left Mississippi from “Cover their Eyes” a wonderful songstress listen HERE



kk_waterfront 01

Be in the present not the past.
Today is what matters.
the thoughts, encounters and dreams.
The next minute is precious,never to be repeated

Smells, sounds, breathing, tastes – the sun on
my face, the cold snap on my ears.
Sometimes that is all I need.
Breathe, look, touch and smell.


I’m continuing to explore my word for 2015


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