Wheat or Barley field


What I’m listening to – Mandolin Orange HERE I love their style.

For ages i’ve been keeping my eye on the field a few houses down the road. It’s a large field that often lies fallow, some years it has had rape growing and some years just weedy stuff. This year it has wheat or barley I’m not sure which and I have discovered that I love this field





The texture and colour.





The way it rustles and moves.







I just want to pick an ear and pull all of it off the stem and watch it fly in the breeze.




This field goes on and on and you can see the Quantock Hills in the distance. My village has one foot in the town and one in the country, just how I like it.




“Oats. A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.”
― Samuel Johnson

P.S. I know it’s not oats but I loved the quote !

Be Still 52 – Week 36 Magazine Inspiration

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This week I discovered photos I haven’t looked at for years. The top one is an example taken in Malta nearly 3 years ago and ‘gathering dust’ in the archives. Back then I didn’t have Lightroom. so wow –  what I can now do to these photos. I hope Kim doesn’t mind as this was a piece of ‘homework’ from Be Still. I actually used an idea from a good few years ago now that Kim posted in one of her classes about creating a colour board.

Her prompt made me think of warm sunny days in hot places, sitting in the shade with a cold drink, wandering through little narrow lanes never really knowing where you would end up. I created a colour board which made me think of a magazine layout before publication.






Medina, Malta, June 2012



The plants above the models prompted me to look through my archives and find this image of wild roses past their best but still beautiful…





 Taunton October 2014


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Texture Tuesday – From the Archives.

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I thought I would go back through my archives from November 2013.


An old butcher’s bike (using kk_stamped) I love the texture of the brick wall.




This image was taken on a frosty clear morning before the terrible flooding that happened on the Somerset Levels


Taken with my iPhone I used kk_dollard_grunge.



I took this at last years Remembrance parade in Taunton. When 40 Commando along with Scouts, Explorers and members of the British Legion march through the town, and finish at the memorial in the park to lay poppy wreaths in memory of all those that have died in conflict.



And here is 40 Commando marching through Taunton.




Lest we forget







Hello Friday

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Listening to Bombay Bicyle Club – “Flaws”

Clouds scudding
Pink sky,
Crispy leaves
Branches swaying,
Joggers, cyclists,
It’s another workday

How we choose to spend the day is our choice.
But be mindful of your thoughts and deeds.
Celebrate the rising of the sun, the smiles of people you meet.
They need the lift that a smile and a word of thanks brings.








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