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What I’m listening to        Show of Hands – ‘The Keys of Canterbury’ from the album, Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed.



Today I’m finding beauty, In all it’s shapes and forms.


My morning walk through the churchyard


The last rose




Morning sun


My beautiful daughter in New Zealand (photo by Theo Bruckner)


What are you celebrating this weekend ?


A New Adventure – Friday Finds

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Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.” ~Terri Guillemets

Music I’m listening to …. The Harrow and the Harvest – Gillian Welch

I have decided to move across to a self – hosted website. It really is a work in progress but I have not been fully concentrating on my old blog and so rather than try to maintain two sites I’m moving now. So, hello everyone. Here I want to share thoughts, words and images.  I hope to post on various topics so I hope you will sign up and follow me on my new adventure. Today I’m linking with Kim on Friday Finds. I chose this image as it sums up what I am trying to achieve – peace to stop waking up early in the morning with a brain that won’t let go.




A great find  Some great quotes here.

Thanks to Helen Whitaker for setting up The Monochrome Explorers on Facebook.  If you would like an invite all you need is a Facebook account. Email me with your email address and I will ‘like’ you and invite you. This week’s challenge was to capture the apple in monochrome. Here is my take.


Have a great weekend


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Looking at the world through different eyes

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“The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.” 
― Barbara KingsolverAnimal Dreams


What I’m listening to :- Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes. I particularly love ‘White Winter Hymnal’


I’m looking at abstracts and textures at the moment, it’s something I have become more interested in. To me this image represents my feelings at the moment. some light but lots of dark, sometimes I have a light bulb moment then almost a dive back into the dark.

I find this time of year as the dark comes early I hibernate, this year I must fill my world with more light.



 I manipulated the image in Snapseed and Lightroom then textured in Photoshop.



 Taken in my little studio early morning with my iPhone .

How do you cope with dark days ?

Finally here is my latest scrap page I decided to go retro !
Supplies by Anna Aspnes and Robyn Meierotto
Kim Klassen dot com

Hello Friday

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Listening to Bombay Bicyle Club – “Flaws”

Clouds scudding
Pink sky,
Crispy leaves
Branches swaying,
Joggers, cyclists,
It’s another workday

How we choose to spend the day is our choice.
But be mindful of your thoughts and deeds.
Celebrate the rising of the sun, the smiles of people you meet.
They need the lift that a smile and a word of thanks brings.








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Isn’t it funny that a day can make all the difference to how you look at the world ? Sunday I felt ill, Fibromyalgia, cold, achy and downright miserable. Not an ounce of enthusiasm and grumpy to boot. Today it’s raining and cold and I still feel achy , but I played with my tripod and trusty Lumix (still haven’t decided on a name) . The light was hideous but with the tripod and Lightroom I had a great time.




I feel Autumn edits should be gritty I don’t know why but the rusts, reds and yellows look so good with lots of contrast.



A different effect desaturated but enough contrast to show the veins in the leaf and the crackles in the pot.

Finally I have been playing with typography and as the retro look is so popular at the moment I made this….


Sigh that was fun…..

Kim Klassen dot com
PS Thank you Mark for putting up with grumpy me 🙂

Looking for light – Friday



As Autumn sets in with darker evenings , rainy days and brisk breezes we look for light . As a photographer I am alway looking out for the life giving rays that warm the soul.




I am returning more and more to my digital art I find it soothes me, playing with shapes and colours. So expect to see more.

 Mask by me,  thanks to a wonderful tip at captivated visions HERE, paper  and transfer by Rosey Posey, brushes by Anna Aspnes


Update on the blog not good, two steps forward one back so I’m sticking with this for the time being and trying to not lose patience with the new site….

Find this week, this book which I so want for Christmas.





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Texture Tuesday – Reflections

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“To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself.”
― Anne Rice

I’m in a reflective mood at the moment, looking back and forwards. What I have done and what I really want to do. I find it difficult baring my soul but as I am nearing my 60th birthday some plans and choices have to be made.


kk_chill brush by Kim

I think since my breast cancer scare some years ago I have been coasting not really thinking and not acting. I am so lucky and I am grateful for my life and for  my family and friends.


supplies by Susie Roberts, myself, GThomas, Tiffany Tillman

Lines have to be drawn and resolutions made, it won’t be easy. Inside me there are stories to be told.


Supplies Rebecca McMeen, Viva Artistry and Captivated Visions

Linking with Kim today


This is from Kim’s post on Friday what great words thanks Kim for the nudge….

A gentle Nudge

“Struggling with getting stuff done……. making things happen…. moving forward….or perhaps getting started?

Something to consider….
Is your something … a something … love.. or something you think you should love?
or maybe just maybe….
Fear is holding you back…..

Perhaps you have some fabulous tips… your own experiences…ideas or stories…
I invite you to share in the comments below….I’d love to hear from you.”

31 Days of Five Minute Free writing – View

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From my view today I see commuters, students and mothers with young preschoolers. Rustling, bustling wallets open, cards ready, waiting for that hit . Choices choices what to have, pumpkin spice, mocha or espresso?  Here I sit letting it flow over me with my Pikes Place simple but just enough. Viewing from the table trying not to stare. Long dreadlocks with a suit, Doc. Martens with leggings .. Young exec in a snappy suit talking loudly on the phone. The man who shuffles and sings to himself. You can view the world from a coffee cup.


( with apologies to Sarah Huizenga her Coffee Shop Chronicles are HERE)

31 Days of Thoughts from the Desktop – Day One

31 days of five minute free writing


She moved through the waves of people oblivious to the noise and bustle. On she went regardless of the cold, she moved restlessly on and on. She was looking but she did not know what for. A man, a child, a brother ? On the move all the time could she stop ? She seemed incapable of thought. People seeing her stricken face tried to grab a sleeve curious to know  what was wrong , they inquired saying “can I help you ?”  But she rushed past her eyes darting from side to see, her breath coming in pants. She reached the bridge over the river that encompassed the town, beyond lay the unknown she had never ventured that far without an escort. At the river’s edge she sat down,  she looked over her shoulder and saw that she had left the people behind. peace fell upon her as she caught her breath, once she crossed the bridge she could move amongst strangers, she could be safe….Lilas_Yesteryear-memories_elmt (30)