Let there be Light



“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that”.

Martin Luther King Jnr.








I wake early in the morning.

Another day of rain and gales.

It’s warm and silent.

Just fairy lights, pretty

soothing, peace

before the start

of day…..


Journaling, Photography

I have had a mixed month photographically speaking the weather has been dull and dark so I have struggled finding connections. I checked back to my January post and saw that the image was a tree with the light showing through it. And once more I have chosen an image that speaks of light of that moment when the hair on the back of your neck stands up and you get goosebumps. Well this was the image for me. Taken in early morning the harbour of Polperro in Cornwall. The tide was in, the sun was weak but this was perfect I was the only one around I had this idyllic spot all to myself.

PHC_polperro_P1140992The sea is my go to place, it’s the place where I can take a deep breath and just BE……





In the early morning I sit awake in

total silence it feels as if I am the only one awake.

But I know all over the world I am not alone

night workers, mothers, elderly the worried.

We form a tribe of folk who choose or have no choice,

we sit or lie and gradually listen to

the birds slowly waken and begin their

chorus, the street lights flicker and die and

finally there is stirring.

Cars start to drive past , the heating whirs to life and

Slowly the day begins.