Wheat or Barley field


What I’m listening to – Mandolin Orange HERE I love their style.

For ages i’ve been keeping my eye on the field a few houses down the road. It’s a large field that often lies fallow, some years it has had rape growing and some years just weedy stuff. This year it has wheat or barley I’m not sure which and I have discovered that I love this field





The texture and colour.





The way it rustles and moves.







I just want to pick an ear and pull all of it off the stem and watch it fly in the breeze.




This field goes on and on and you can see the Quantock Hills in the distance. My village has one foot in the town and one in the country, just how I like it.




“Oats. A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.”
― Samuel Johnson

P.S. I know it’s not oats but I loved the quote !

A Trip to Bristol Harbour Festival


This last weekend Mark and I visited Bristol Harbour Festival a free event that happens every year and brings thousands to the city. As Bristol is the European green capital for 2015 there was more emphasis on the environment.

There was a magnificent whale constructed from plastic bottles and recycled rubbish.

-P1040968bristolharbourside festival

This busker was performing just next to the bridge.

-P1040983bristolharbourside festival

Just because you are in a city doesn’t mean it can’t be colourful !

-P1040998bristolharbourside festival

Plenty of paths around the harbour….-P1050007bristolharbourside festival

So much to look at plenty of boats and trains outside the museum.


-P1050013bristolharbourside festival

Even a naval training ship.

-P1050014bristolharbourside festival

Some great places to eat.
-P1050020bristolharbourside festival

Herbs can be grown anywhere…


-P1050024bristolharbourside festival

Even new apartments can be made artful !

-P1050032bristolharbourside festival


Then the rest of the afternoon spent drinking coffee, eating cake and listening to wonderful music..
-P1050038bristolharbourside festival
-P1050053bristolharbourside festival


-P1050054bristolharbourside festival

-P1050056bristolharbourside festival

Summer in the city nothing better.