A Trip to Bristol Harbour Festival


This last weekend Mark and I visited Bristol Harbour Festival a free event that happens every year and brings thousands to the city. As Bristol is the European green capital for 2015 there was more emphasis on the environment.

There was a magnificent whale constructed from plastic bottles and recycled rubbish.

-P1040968bristolharbourside festival

This busker was performing just next to the bridge.

-P1040983bristolharbourside festival

Just because you are in a city doesn’t mean it can’t be colourful !

-P1040998bristolharbourside festival

Plenty of paths around the harbour….-P1050007bristolharbourside festival

So much to look at plenty of boats and trains outside the museum.


-P1050013bristolharbourside festival

Even a naval training ship.

-P1050014bristolharbourside festival

Some great places to eat.
-P1050020bristolharbourside festival

Herbs can be grown anywhere…


-P1050024bristolharbourside festival

Even new apartments can be made artful !

-P1050032bristolharbourside festival


Then the rest of the afternoon spent drinking coffee, eating cake and listening to wonderful music..
-P1050038bristolharbourside festival
-P1050053bristolharbourside festival


-P1050054bristolharbourside festival

-P1050056bristolharbourside festival

Summer in the city nothing better.