Friday Thoughts

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 “It was that sort of sleep in which you wake every hour and think to yourself that you have not been sleeping at all; you can remember dreams that are like reflections, daytime thinking slightly warped.”
― Kim Stanley RobinsonIcehenge

What I’m listening to – Bombay Bicycle Club – Flaws listen HERE

Early morning again. Insomnia has it’s advantages. Writing becomes less of a task and more of a necessity. As this year begins I need more balance in my life. Balance in exercise, Balance in my diet, Balance in my relationships with others and Balance in my priorities.

No more sitting on the fence, thinking about the ‘maybe’s’ and ‘what if’s ‘- this is now. As I sit here in the silence, no cars, no voices, just the creaks of the floorboards as if the house is breathing with me, in, out, in, out. The fridge comes to life groaning as if it’s complaining – “Too much food in here, clear it out, use it”.

To be continued…..


Mask by Susie Roberts

Do you like my little scissors aren’t they sweet ? And my pebble sits on my chest of drawers with other treasures.

I’m linking today with Kim’s Friday Finds also with the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge endeavouring to write two blog posts a week.