31 Things for September and maybe longer….


Recently I have discovered that I like monthly prompts, my concentration and boredom levels kick in about week 4 so this seems to be the perfect length .



August Break 2015 Day 6 Notebook


I have just finished August break with Susannah Conway and now I am joining up with toris_tales for her #talesofseptember. Instagram has become my favourite way of communicating it is clean, quick and friendly.

For September I am revisiting 31 Things by Ali Edwards, I’m using her prompts to create an image, art piece or maybe a quote. I hope to document daily here on my blog, which I have so neglected recently. I realise that blogging daily could be a bit of a challenge but I am not going to beat myself up about it, I’m just going to enjoy the process…

So onto Day 1 the prompt is jewellery. This is my take on the prompt .


-jewellery31 things_jewellery

The supplies are by Anna Aspnes for those interested I used ArtPlay Palette Everyday,  FotoblendzOverlays no6_2

“Jewellery holds memories, of occasions, of holidays and milestones.

But to me the best jewellery is nature’s bounty.. Raindrops sparkling like diamonds, the sun blazing through the trees on a winter morning changes colour into emeralds and rubies. The bright blue sea shows sapphire glinting under the sun.”

Tell me about your jewellery what memories does it hold for you ?

31 Days of Thoughts from the Desktop – Day One

31 days of five minute free writing


She moved through the waves of people oblivious to the noise and bustle. On she went regardless of the cold, she moved restlessly on and on. She was looking but she did not know what for. A man, a child, a brother ? On the move all the time could she stop ? She seemed incapable of thought. People seeing her stricken face tried to grab a sleeve curious to know  what was wrong , they inquired saying “can I help you ?”  But she rushed past her eyes darting from side to see, her breath coming in pants. She reached the bridge over the river that encompassed the town, beyond lay the unknown she had never ventured that far without an escort. At the river’s edge she sat down,  she looked over her shoulder and saw that she had left the people behind. peace fell upon her as she caught her breath, once she crossed the bridge she could move amongst strangers, she could be safe….Lilas_Yesteryear-memories_elmt (30)