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I seem to be playing catch up at the moment I have far too many projects going at the same time and I so want to do all of them..

Anyway back to the colour edition,  this photo was taken way back in 2005 at The Beautiful Days festival in Devon, I remember we saw some great bands that day. I use Kim’s Canvasback and Stamped Softly. I’m learning new techniques at the moment so I use the opportunity for some practise.

Do you have a favourite Summer picture ?


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This week I have been trying to complete my 30 days of thankful layouts I’m almost ready to upload them and some Instagram images as well to Artifact Uprising. They do a softcover book for only $16.99 .

Here is one of my layouts, I used a lovely set of templates from Rosey Posey at Scrapbookgraphics. I used Kim’s ‘magic’ textures.

This week is the last week of my Brene Brown I shall really miss checking in to all of my new friends, but as one door closes I’m sure another one will open.

Have a great week……



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 reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.“escape can be a strong motivation for travel”

               synonym:  motive, motivating force, incentivestimulus, stimulation, inspiration,

The change in the weather has made me want to snuggle down in my favourite red fleecy blanket with gingerbread men all over it, to drink hot chocolate and not do much else.
Creativity is a tender thing it needs to be cherished to be prodded and cajoled when it is cold and grey and dark. My creativity is snuggling and inspiration is a bit thin, so I will read and drink tea and make notes ready for inspiration to strike once more.

Textures used were Kim’s Totally and MoreMagic.

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Nancy at A Rural Journal is having issues blog wise hopefully all will be well soon.



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I had the opportunity to meet my groupie friend Barbara last week. We met in Bristol down at the harbour where much regeneration has happened over the last ten years. People moor their boats, live on their houseboats, eat, meet and explore.  We had been planning this for sometime but the weather wouldn’t play ball so this was probably the last opportunity for some time.

Photo taken by Mark 

I took a few photos a lot of which were of a texture type to use in my Photoshop Artistry course.  But as the day went on I found myself taking candid people shots.  So here are a few.

Textured with Kim’s CanvasBack texture
The MShed
MShed using Anna Aspnes Textured Frames No 1
MShed using Anna Aspnes Textured Frames No 1
We walked from the harbour towards Millennium Square where we found a lovely stall selling gorgeous food.
Bristol Harbourside using Anna Aspnes TextureFrames No1
Look at this sweet couple I couldn’t resist.
Millennium Steps using Anna Aspnes TextureFrames No1
Now a muse 
Have a great week

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‘Oh me hat it is frozen to me head
Me feet they are like a lump of lead
Oh me shoes they are frozen to me feet
With standing at your window’

Check out this wonderful rendition of Cold Haily Rainy Night
And here in Somerset we have had some windy haily nights.
I’m feeling at this time of year the feeling that I want to go back through my archives.
What a wonderful sight. the glory of Sedona in Arizona photographs don’t really do justice but thanks to Lightroom and Kim’s lovely texture from November duo (holly) I have been able to bring out the colours.
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A day to try out new ideas
Using some new techniques I have learnt over the last few weeks from Kim, Photoshop Artistry and Michelle and Rachel Shefveland
I ran a preset I had made using a recipe from Kim in her Beyond Beyond class

Playing around with Downton textures and Canvasback both by Kim.  I used a mask created by Juliette Mead for the Photoshop Artistry course and then added a quote created by Michelle and Rachel Shefveland for their Arts Blend course.

Next I applied a very dramatic preset with lots of clarity and contrast.
I just love the poem from Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows.
Duck’s Ditty
All along the backwater, 

Through the rushes tall, 

Ducks are a-dabbling, 

Up tails all!

Ducks’ tails, drakes’ tails, 

Yellow feet a-quiver, 

Yellow bills all out of sight 

Busy in the river!

Slushy green undergrowth 

Where the roach swim– 

Here we keep our larder, 

Cool and full and dim.

Everyone for what he likes! 

WE like to be 

Heads down, tails up, 

Dabbling free!

High in the blue above 

Swifts whirl and call– 

WE are down a-dabbling 

Up tails all!

Finally I have to add a bit of grunge !   Kim’s kk_Iam and lots of colourburn .

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I picked up this leaf this morning on my walk back from the bus stop. Beautiful shades, I love Autumn so many colours rusts, yellows and oranges the veins in the leaf are intricate , nature is truly remarkable.

Kim’s textures, Canvasback and Chill.

Using MakeGrunge and Script..
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‘ Look I like hanging out with you, but you’re making me tired ok? I’m an introvert!’

Introvert ~~~~~
‘One who focuses on the inner world of thoughts and ideas’.
‘One who gains energy from alone time, one who thinks before they speak’ ( Urban Dictionary)

Am I an introvert ? I certainly like being in my own space on my terms. Shyness can be a mask, noise gets to me, the cacophony of clashing cups in Starbucks, the sudden scream of a child. I find it difficult to block out noise so I can hear a conversation or concentrate but if I avoid the places that I find noisy and intrusive my world will shrink even further.

Can you train yourself to accept more noise ? I wonder……
Holderness, Squam Lake New Hampshire 2006
Two layers of ‘Daisy’ from the Downton Collection and one layer of ‘Chill’ from The Test Kitchen
Boston Christian Science Building September 2006
Using Nancy’s texture aptly named ‘Boston – 0416-1

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Yesterday I (with the help of Mark) created a little studio in the spare bedroom, with darker days coming I’m not so keen on using the sunroom when the lack of heating out there makes it cold.

So with an old projector screen some hooks and foam board to act as a reflector I got underway.  Of course I will probably will need to use the tripod on dark days and maybe a light and that is is an expense I can do without so many to choose from.

This shot was taken using the little model that my niece found for me in a charity shop ( she knows me so well) a pretty lacy scarf bought with the purpose of taking the lace off to use on a sewing project, I’m so glad I didn’t.  I used an ISO of 400 to give myself more light and as I knew I would be using texture on the shot it didn’t matter if the shot was a little noisy.  I draped the foam board that I was using as a reflector with the scarf and snap.  In Lightroom I tweaked and added Kim’s new preset ‘light and airy film’ also James Brandon’s preset ‘Grammy’s Lemonade’ I lowered the clarity to give a softer feel  In PS I added Kim’s texture ‘Daisy’ from The Downton Collection added some text using the Tangerine font and added a vignette effect.

I feel quite excited about creating new scenarios ….. Joining up today with Kim and Nancy…