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It’s not very often you see the Statue of Liberty in Somerset ( in fact never). But Wells Reclamation Yard has everything including many kitchen sinks , and a tank and a rocket launcher !


Mark and I visited this dream of a place last week to buy old wood to make a backdrop for me to use in my Be Still class.  We were spoilt for choice, so many treasures to explore.


The quirky up against the valuable this family run business is an Aladdin’s cave.


We will definitely return there are some wooden block letters I have my eye on and some wooden crates as well.


Some help ….


As you can see Mark entered into the challenge, the wood was very old taken out of a Romanian brewery we believe.


The backdrop is so heavy we have decided to go back for more to make a smaller one , well who could resist…..


Scrapbook supplies , Anna Aspnes and my own…

Linking with Friday Finds…

Kim Klassen dot Com



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The summer is racing by and I have to take as many outdoor/flower shots as possible.

I couldn’t resist though this seed pod, still hanging on in there in a flower pot..




Texture sonnetmagic


Happy Tuesday…




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This is from the archives  from August 2002. I was using my Fuji point and shoot. Thanks to the wonder of Photoshop and Lightroom I am able to play I really brought up the clarity and split toning and added kk_canvasbackmagic.





And a photo from Jo who is now in Queenstown New Zealand. It’s ski season there and so so beautiful….. I used kk_canvasmagic this time….







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Perhaps the steepest learning curve in photography is learning to see as the camera sees.

~ David duChemin


I’m still in search of the elusive ‘style’, just when I think I have it I ‘discover’ a new idea or perspective and off I go again doubting and wondering. I currently am looking at two books on the soul of photography,  ‘Photographically Speaking, (a deeper look at creating stronger images)  by David duChemin, and Shooting with Soul by Alessandra Cave. Both of them look at how to communicate your vision through your photographs, I am finding this concept fascinating and of course this ties up beautifully with Kim’s BeStill52 class….


Here are my random five shots showing I hope that it’s less about style and more about heart……



My take on one of Kim’s prompts…



Practising focus and depth of field with the Nikon still struggling…



I like this one, using Kim’s preset ‘breeze’ and ‘simple’ texture…Just when I think that I’m not ‘getting’ the soft look Lightroom proves me wrong…..




And I love the deep and rich as well.  I  love the colours and the sharp almost alien look of this cornflower seedpod.



Finally a few weeks ago Taunton had a mini festival and I took a series of photos of the Punch and Judy Man he was a very willing subject..


I think I’m just going to go with the flow and enjoy the process and the creativity….

Have a wonderful July 4th my U.S. friends……





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 “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”
― Kenneth GrahameThe Wind in the Willows



My idea of heaven is being by the water, the sea, river or lake. So my Photo – Heart Connection this month is a photo taken at Falmouth Marina in Cornwall on a late afternoon in June….THe boat was a perfect candidate for a shot.  Lost, broken and neglected it moved gently on it’s moorings . This short break in Cornwall will hold a special place in my heart, a spontaneous decision to take a few days and run away to Cornwall before schools broke up and those tiny lanes became choked with traffic. Warm mellow evenings and hot sunny days perfect….

Joining with Kat Sloma for her Photo – Heart Connection….



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The U.K. has some amazing historic houses to visit.  Some are very grand and others more homely, the house we visited this week was certainly very grand.  Petworth House in West Sussex is jaw dropping grand.

Photographically speaking it was not a good day for me, my camera being a bridge camera does not perform well in bright light as the smallest aperture is f8. Also it was windy,  so very few opportunities for flower photography. I had a revelation, why did we travel all the way here ? Was it to see a magnificent house with a remarkable history ? Or, was it to take photographs and really not take in the outstanding  paintings, sculptures and objet d’art ? I must confess it was the latter, but I realise that is so short sighted .

The house was full of paintings by Turner, Reynolds and Van Dyck. The state rooms were never intended for everyday use but rather to display outstanding collections. My particular favourite was the chapel and I wish now I had taken more notice of the hand painted coats of arms and had not spent my time with my eye pressed to the viewfinder.

Digital scrap supplies by Rosey Posey @ Scrapbook graphics


So in my roundabout way this is my Friday Find, never ever let photography take over to the point that I don’t stop, look and absorb what is around me…..


 P.S. I might have a chance to put this in practise as we are hoping to spend a few days in Cornwall soon…





Photoheart Connection – March

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“Each of us has an equal amount of Shadow and Light buried in our souls. What makes us different is how much Shadow we choose to suppress, and how much Light we choose to show.”

― Taylor Chackowsky


My Photo Heart Connection this month is all about change, this makes me sad and reflective.  Shadows and light, moving from the shadows into the light, a reawakening.  My life is going through this change in so many ways.  My son is starting  his first ‘proper’ job after a long battle with illness and little formal education.  A daughter who is still finding her way, her place, illness a breakup and now a long journey.

Although I am so excited for them both it is going to be a challenge to let them go.  They live in the same town I talk to my daughter every day and now they are entering a new phase in their lives and I must let them fly.

So now my focus has to change , after breast cancer and now Fibromyalgia my focus must be on getting stronger and healthier.  To stop being afraid of change to banish the shadows and look for the light.

“The thing about shadows is that they’re not all darkness. You need to have light to have shadows. So just look for it.”
― A, Meredith Walters



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I have had a mixed month photographically speaking the weather has been dull and dark so I have struggled finding connections. I checked back to my January post and saw that the image was a tree with the light showing through it. And once more I have chosen an image that speaks of light of that moment when the hair on the back of your neck stands up and you get goosebumps. Well this was the image for me. Taken in early morning the harbour of Polperro in Cornwall. The tide was in, the sun was weak but this was perfect I was the only one around I had this idyllic spot all to myself.

PHC_polperro_P1140992The sea is my go to place, it’s the place where I can take a deep breath and just BE……