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My idea of heaven is a place where the Tyne meets the Delta, where folk music meets the blues.

                                                                                                               Mark Knopfler


Mark and I have been away at a folk festival in the wonderful town of Shrewsbury in Shropshire. It runs for four days finishing on Bank Holiday Monday the last public holiday before Christmas. People congregate from all over the country and from out of the country as well, to celebrate dance and music from all over the world.



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Such a mixture of emotions. I hope to write more when the photos are downloaded and thoughts are consolidated. But I came away with my head full of wonderful music and memories of happy, smiling faces, of weird and wonderful costumes of groups of friends meeting up, swapping tips and stories.



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This week I discovered a wonderful new website called ‘ Brainpickings’ and this particular post HERE.  The owner of the site Maria Popova writes wonderfully,  and this particular post deals with the work of Rebecca Solnit and her book A Field Guide to Getting Lost. How reaching out into the unknown , the uncertainty is so important to living creatively. The fumbling, struggling with our creativity is what makes us grow.

Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark. That’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself came from, and where you will go.



 I think we all struggle with uncertainty , when we try to jump sometimes it doesn’t work and we might fall, but how wonderful it is when we step off into the unknown and find something new, something so exciting it makes us catch our breath. Whether it is a new technique a new idea for a piece of writing, poem or composition.





Popova says ‘ for Solnit, as for Rilke, that uncertainty is not an obstacle to living but a wellspring of life — of creative life, most of all. Bridging the essence of art with the notion that not-knowing is what drives science, she sees in the act of embracing the unknown a gateway to self-transcendence’.

This is what I am seeking, to maybe get outside my comfort zone.  I don’t know what it will be but I’m not going to give up trying.



Music today :

Michael McGoldrick – The Dub Reel (Morning Rory)    Imagined Village – Hard Times of Old England (The Imagined Village)     Bob Dylan – Thunder on the Mountain (Modern Times)   Rod Stewart – Mandolin Wind (Every Picture Tells a Story )  Ry Cooder – Jesse James ( The UFO has Landed)



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‘Twas on one April morning, just as the sun was rising
‘Twas on one April morning, I heard the small birds sing
They were singing Lovely Nancy, for love it is a fancy,
And how sweet were the notes that I heard the small birds sing.”
( Traditional collected by Priscilla Wyatt-Edgel from Mr R Bryant, Cowley, Exeter, Devon)
I have saturated myself this week in still life and spring flowers.
My Friday find is some lovely linen cloths.  It is sold as ‘scrim’ ( a strong, coarse fabric, chiefly used for heavy-duty lining or upholstery) it is supposed to be used for window cleaning but not by me ! I do blame Kim for this so many lovely things to look at on her Pinterest boards ! Linen being a natural fabric adds a lovely colour and texture to my still life photography.
Some beautiful Spring flowers appearing in the garden now, whites, yellows and blues so subtle and simple.
Digital supplies by Rosie Posey @ Scrapbook Graphics


Some random facts

  • A certain person has started practising packing for New Zealand, how do you get so much in a rucksack !
  • So far I have resisted Easter eggs .
  • I get so much joy from simple Spring flowers.
  • The periwinkle in the garden needs a machete to keep it under control !
  • Particularly loving this from Jim Moray 


Kim Klassen dot Com


Have a lovely holiday weekend hope you get some Easter eggs …..


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‘Lord Bateman was a noble lord.
A noble lord of high degree
He shipped himself aboard a vessel
And said some countries he would see’.

The weeks seem to be zooming by. As this isn’t my favourite time of the year short grey days interspersed with the occasional blue, sunny day I often find myself wishing for warmer days. But as my 59th birthday is hovering in the background I really shouldn’t be wishing my time away.
My main Christmas present this year from Mark was something I had chosen for myself, The New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs.

I love History ( I trained as a History teacher) and I love words and music, so this present was a treasure.  Some of my favourite musicians have used these words sometimes with different arrangements but it’s the words that resonate. Here is a link to an arrangement of Lord Bateman by Jim Moray one of my favourite musicians.
Great illustrations and really cheerful chapters ! So many songs were about death, lost love and infidelity 
I can remember Simon and Garfunkel singing ‘Barbara Allan’
Expect to see some art journal pages inspired by some of these songs.
So glad Nancy is back with her Random Five I love reading everyone’s posts.
Random five.
  1. I am enjoying writing ‘small stones‘ this month
  2. Not only do I love watching ‘Sherlock’ on TV but I am loving listening to the audio books of Laurie R King about Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell.
  3. Music I am listening to is Anais Micthell and Jefferson Hamer ‘ The Child Ballards’
  4. I am still searching for the perfect muffin recipe not too sweet and not too calorie laden.
  5. I am sadly really looking forward to NCIS starting in the UK on Friday.

So have you got a good recipe for muffins ? I would love to see it.

Have a great weekend…..

Kim Klassen dot Com


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Do you have blue days, days of delicious melancholy ?

 Not really unhappy just sad in a warm comforting way. I love listening to melancholy music, mostly folk music, songs of lost love, of men marching off to war to fight for King and Country. Of maidens being deserted by their loves. Now I’m sure you are thinking WHAT ? how depressing, but to me they are part of me of my make up . I sit here at my computer being kept company by Show of Hands, Jim Moray  you see I could go on…..
One of my Christmas presents this year is the ‘Penguin Book of English Folk Songs’ I’m hoping to make some journal/scrapping pages using the lyrics as inspiration.

Adieu sweet lovely Nancy
Ten thousand times adieu
I am bound to cross the ocean
To seek for soemthing new
Come change your ring with me dear girl
Come change your ring with me
That it might be a token of true love
When I am on the sea

What inspires you ? Do you have a favourite book of poems or quotations ?  I would love to know..