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Do you get sidetracked when you on the computer ? Do you start off with the intention of finishing an art piece then discover yourself moving around music files and tidying up iTunes. Then you look at the clock and find that the time you have allocated for computer is over ?  Yes that’s me..

So, a quick post and some images that I am playing with for PhotoArtistry , if you haven’t come across this course check it out HERE it’s brilliant.

So I started with this a photo taken with my iPhone 4 
Not one of my best efforts at all, in fact before the days of Photoshop and Lightroom I would have thrown it away, but I liked the sky.
Here is what I did with it in Lightroom.
Lots of drama and a tobacco’s beginning to look better
This is when the fun began.
Many layers,  hours  and cups of tea later !
 Then I thought to myself let’s try something else
And finally
I’m undecided but I think my favourite is number 1 I’m not sure that the background in number 3 is quite right.
Tell me what you think ?


digital, digital scrapping, MondayMonday

It’s an obsession, notebooks. Clean unmarred ready for pen, crayon or paint. So why can’t I use them ?  Why do I stroke them, put them away take them out periodically, stroke them again, sigh, then put them back in the drawer.

I can do better with a Wacom tablet and brushes than I can ever do with paper, glue and paint so why this compulsion?

Take a look at the image below all done digitally . I started with a 8.5 x8.5 canvas (artifact size). Then filled it with a creamy yellow colour ( I’m sort of thinking Moleskine colour) . Then I ran a watercolour filter over it to get a sort of feel of a watercolour notebook.  a dictionary page that I had scanned was added using the darken blend at 12% opacity so as you could just see it.

At that point I decided I wanted an autumnal type palette so off I went to Design Seeds,  have you seen the site ? Great for inspiration here is the link to the palette I chose it’s called canyon colour.

Lots of brushes layered I used Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Metro Brush set, changing colours and rotating them.
I stopped there and saved the page as a canvas ready to add photos,text and embellishments.
So no need for notebooks hmmmm….
Here are two layouts with the same subject but completely different styles which do you like the best ?
Additional supplies by Captivated Visions, Agnes Biro and Tangie Baxter font Old Press.
Additional Supplies by Anna Aspnes,  Flergs@ Scrapbook Graphics and Cinzia Designs @ Oscraps  font League Gothic


digital, digital scrapping, MondayMonday

Margaret Graham in her book ‘Writing Awake, the Dreamweaver’ writes that when we are children we have imagination and creativity but, as we grow older this instinctive part of our being is pushed down or pushed out . So we have to to relearn this innate skill.  She says: 

‘Be aware that we deny or diminish our innate creativity at our peril.  We need it’

So on Sunday I played, I sorted and played and placed , no pressure no ambition just played. And it was fun I didn’t have a time limit and if it didn’t work I could just hit that delete button. 
This was all done digitally and the aim was to make it as much like a physical page as possible.  I think it turned out pretty well.  I used Margaret Graham’s quote as a starting point.
‘ It is how our heart sings, how our emotions and experiences can emerge into the light of the day and can be accommodated and healed’…
I hope you have a great week…
Products by Captivated Visions, Sissy Sparrows, Nancie Rowe Janitz and Anna Aspnes…


digital, digital scrapping, MondayMonday
That is the problem isn’t it knowing when to stop ? 

With layering and blending there is a point when it is just too much and your piece that you have spent hours tweaking,  just looks a mess. The whole focus and balance has vanished. you sit back and look AND… it’s waaaay over….. just like when you were little and your painting became  a mass of brown and yellow…. yes you know what I mean….

Here is the original photograph taken just off St Mark’s Square in Venice…. I love this image because it has so many possibilities for grunging, art journalling and so on. I won’t be going back there so this photo is special….

I’ve always loved the idea of digital manipulation and have tried on and off for years to be able to create digitally what I do physically. Now I can do this thanks to the technology and the teachers whose classes I have signed up with over the years….
Here is the mixed media piece, it’s looking a bit shabby now I created this about 12 years ago….
And here is the digital piece…..

{Blogger what are you doing why won’t you centre my picture}
Lots of layers and textures some mine, one of Kim’s (sonnet samples) some from the Photoshop Artistry course I am taking…The figure is the distance is supplied by fallen_stock at Deviant Art and the little Commedia dell’arte figure (Arlecchino) from
Now this is when i think I went a bit too far….
The text says…
I would love your opinion…..