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Looking back over my shots for May I am surprised by the number that are still life.  A year ago there would have been a lot less.  Certainly I am taking far more photographs, but I am using my images to tell a story and of course you can control your surroundings more if you are in charge of the subject.  I take immense time to create a still life and feel that creative contemplative photographs are now my goal.

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 reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.“escape can be a strong motivation for travel”

               synonym:  motive, motivating force, incentivestimulus, stimulation, inspiration,

The change in the weather has made me want to snuggle down in my favourite red fleecy blanket with gingerbread men all over it, to drink hot chocolate and not do much else.
Creativity is a tender thing it needs to be cherished to be prodded and cajoled when it is cold and grey and dark. My creativity is snuggling and inspiration is a bit thin, so I will read and drink tea and make notes ready for inspiration to strike once more.

Textures used were Kim’s Totally and MoreMagic.

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‘ Look I like hanging out with you, but you’re making me tired ok? I’m an introvert!’

Introvert ~~~~~
‘One who focuses on the inner world of thoughts and ideas’.
‘One who gains energy from alone time, one who thinks before they speak’ ( Urban Dictionary)

Am I an introvert ? I certainly like being in my own space on my terms. Shyness can be a mask, noise gets to me, the cacophony of clashing cups in Starbucks, the sudden scream of a child. I find it difficult to block out noise so I can hear a conversation or concentrate but if I avoid the places that I find noisy and intrusive my world will shrink even further.

Can you train yourself to accept more noise ? I wonder……
Holderness, Squam Lake New Hampshire 2006
Two layers of ‘Daisy’ from the Downton Collection and one layer of ‘Chill’ from The Test Kitchen
Boston Christian Science Building September 2006
Using Nancy’s texture aptly named ‘Boston – 0416-1

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