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I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.
~ Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. 

One of my New Years resolutions  plans is to show more of myself , a big step for me as I don’t like talking about my past. While I didn’t have a terrible childhood it wasn’t full of much love, don’t get me wrong I was warm, I was fed I didn’t go without. But what I did go without was love or expressions of love. Now I’m not putting down these words for folks to say ‘oh you poor thing’ I’m writing them down for me to finally after 58 years to put it aside and to get on and enjoy life.

My Mother died when I was 12 and my Father when I was 15. I had been a weekly boarder at school and I went to live with my Sister and her family, looking back it must have been difficult for her to take on a teenager when she had young children. One of my worse moments was always Christmas I never knew where I would spend it especially when I was a 20 year old home from college for the holidays. Luckily my boyfriend’s Mother would invite me to stay with them , it was wonderful.

So now I cannot bear the thought of anyone being on their own at this time of the year. our house this year will have 2 guests, my husband’s cousin who lost her Mother back in June and is now on her own and a friend of my children’s who isn’t able to get home for Christmas.

My Friday Find is joy and happiness that we can all be together as a family to celebrate. As this will be my last post before Christmas I wish all of you all the best for Christmas may you all be together with your loved ones and especially all those who are ill and have to be away from the comfort of familiar surroundings.

Thanks to Kim for her lovely brushes and texture.

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I had the opportunity to meet my groupie friend Barbara last week. We met in Bristol down at the harbour where much regeneration has happened over the last ten years. People moor their boats, live on their houseboats, eat, meet and explore.  We had been planning this for sometime but the weather wouldn’t play ball so this was probably the last opportunity for some time.

Photo taken by Mark 

I took a few photos a lot of which were of a texture type to use in my Photoshop Artistry course.  But as the day went on I found myself taking candid people shots.  So here are a few.

Textured with Kim’s CanvasBack texture
The MShed
MShed using Anna Aspnes Textured Frames No 1
MShed using Anna Aspnes Textured Frames No 1
We walked from the harbour towards Millennium Square where we found a lovely stall selling gorgeous food.
Bristol Harbourside using Anna Aspnes TextureFrames No1
Look at this sweet couple I couldn’t resist.
Millennium Steps using Anna Aspnes TextureFrames No1
Now a muse 
Have a great week

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A week of thinking, reading, watching and meeting.
I have just embarked on a six week course led by Brene Brown. First impressions and I am treading warily finding my way through the obstacles my gremlins throw at me.  You know the ones that say, ‘Why bother ?’ ‘You’re not worth it ‘ .  ‘There are other things you could be doing’.
I am confronting these obstacles, untangling them like snarled wool, and for the first time in my 58 years I might be seeing a pinhole of light.  I have shame, I have worries mostly starting with….’what if ?
 But as Brene says do the work with intention.
So my Friday Find is the wonderful Brene Brown
My not so Random Five are
  • I took a selfie and smiled in it.
  • I met up with Barbara in Bristol and we had a photo walk so great to meet a fellow groupie.

  • I talked with Mark about some of my long term issues (we have been together for over 30 years) things that I have never verbalised.
  • I am working on my body issues and envy of anyone with long legs.
  • On a lighter note I love listening to the Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode ‘Wittertainment’ podcasts on the BBC they are so British and I think so funny.   Mark and I listened to many of these driving from Tucson, Arizona to Santa Fe New Mexico two years ago.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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‘Oh me hat it is frozen to me head
Me feet they are like a lump of lead
Oh me shoes they are frozen to me feet
With standing at your window’

Check out this wonderful rendition of Cold Haily Rainy Night
And here in Somerset we have had some windy haily nights.
I’m feeling at this time of year the feeling that I want to go back through my archives.
What a wonderful sight. the glory of Sedona in Arizona photographs don’t really do justice but thanks to Lightroom and Kim’s lovely texture from November duo (holly) I have been able to bring out the colours.
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