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Perhaps the steepest learning curve in photography is learning to see as the camera sees.

~ David duChemin


I’m still in search of the elusive ‘style’, just when I think I have it I ‘discover’ a new idea or perspective and off I go again doubting and wondering. I currently am looking at two books on the soul of photography,  ‘Photographically Speaking, (a deeper look at creating stronger images)  by David duChemin, and Shooting with Soul by Alessandra Cave. Both of them look at how to communicate your vision through your photographs, I am finding this concept fascinating and of course this ties up beautifully with Kim’s BeStill52 class….


Here are my random five shots showing I hope that it’s less about style and more about heart……



My take on one of Kim’s prompts…



Practising focus and depth of field with the Nikon still struggling…



I like this one, using Kim’s preset ‘breeze’ and ‘simple’ texture…Just when I think that I’m not ‘getting’ the soft look Lightroom proves me wrong…..




And I love the deep and rich as well.  I  love the colours and the sharp almost alien look of this cornflower seedpod.



Finally a few weeks ago Taunton had a mini festival and I took a series of photos of the Punch and Judy Man he was a very willing subject..


I think I’m just going to go with the flow and enjoy the process and the creativity….

Have a wonderful July 4th my U.S. friends……





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My Peonies arrive in early June last for about 2 weeks before the rain washes over them and flattens them, so many photos have to be taken in a short time, so please forgive me…

More practise with focusing and depth of field for Kim’s Be Still – 52.
I’m sharing some photos and a layout from this week.
Using my own texture.
And finally a journaling layout…..
Supplies by Rosey Posey at Scrapbook Graphics

Have a fab weekend………

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My find this week is part of the courses I’m participating in, Kim’s Be Still 52 and her Start to Finish Round 2 classes. I have always been perfectly content with my Panasonic ‘bridge’ camera it only has one lens but can go from wide angle to zoom ( and a pretty impressive zoom) f2.8 to f8 as well. But I have always hankered after a Nikon so when Mark and I walked past our local secondhand techy shop and I saw a Nikon it was love at first sight and such a good price. It has has hardly been used but it’s not full of all the new features, but it is sturdy and I love it….

I only have the kit lens but that is ok it will be good for me to have the restriction. It takes great photos and is so accurate….

Immediately I started a shoot for Kim’s Start to finish ‘ On the Hook’. I used my clothes airer and pegged my favourite linen tea towel to it.
On the Hook
I needed to make very few adjustments in Lightroom it all flowed…..

Then today I was finally able to cut my Peonies and I carried them dripping into my sunroom and played…….
And finally remembering the towering influence of Maya Angelou who died this week……..

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‘In the final analysis, our most basic
common link is that we all
inhabit this small planet.
We all breathe the same air.
We all cherish our children’s future.
And we are all mortal…
~ John F Kennedy.’

Do you find it easy to switch  off to just be ?  It’s something Kim has been talking about in her new class ‘Be Still 52’ I have so far failed miserably, I am constantly thinking  worrying about everything and anything…I find it difficult to live in the moment I am always worrying about what ‘might happen’ . So it is going to be a struggle, but I’m not going to give up…

I had a mini photo shoot on Thursday it was mini because the heavens opened and I had to get the camera out of the wet stuff. I was in the kitchen and looked out of the window and raindrops beautiful raindrops everywhere….

Oh my,  I only took about four photos and I loved them all. no props no tweaking Just snap snap and back indoors….

Processed in Lightroom I used Kim’s new texture ‘rainy day’ it’s perfect just enough texture..
I’m still waiting for these peonies to flower…

I am currently creating some cards for a groupies card swap here is one of them I’m having fun choosing which images to use….
My find is Mother Teresa’a words about being happy in the moment……..Are You ?
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Ok so I said to Jo ‘I will back up all your NZ photos on dropbox and on my external hard drive’. Now I’m beginning to think I have taken on a mammoth task the photos are flying over and I am swamped already but never mind the photos are fantastic…

Onto Friday Finds. I have decided to post 5 photos illustrating my feelings this week….Very much a mixture of highs and lows but always with me my trusty picture taking equipment. I am finding that I’m using my phone a lot at the moment, my only wish a zoom but hey we can’t have everything .

# 1 Finding and loving more iPhone apps and sharing with Barb at Keeping with the Times for her app happy Wednesday link up. Here I used Distressed FX and Letter Glow
# 2 Seeking the simple I have embarked on a journey with Kim Klassen on her Be Still 52 I am loving this already. Registration is still open.
#3 Looking at beauty everywhere this is my neighbour’s wisteria it drapes itself so beautifully over the hedge at the bottom of the garden and the scent …..
# 4 I have had so much benefit from Jo’s leaving bouquet finally I have had to admit defeat and throw it away not before one last photo session. The soap is from  Anthropologie I bought it for the paper and it smells divine.
Using Kim’s canvasback texture.
# 5 Finally back to another app, I took this photo using the wonderful Hipstamatic app. I used Tejas lens and Dreamcanvas film my favourite combination….
Two other things that I am very interested in are connected to the World War One commemorations that will begin this August . Firstly the Imperial War museum have opened an archive called Lives of the First World War here you can read about and take part part in remembering the lives of the fallen. Also my friends Show of Hands are releasing a CD in June called Centenary: Words and Music of the Great War the narration is by Jim Carter Mr Carson, Downton Abbey) and Imelda Staunton ( Harry Potter, Sense and Sensibility) 

Anyway back to the sorting of photos have a great weekend……

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Green is everywhere, the rain has created a lush, verdant countryside. The garden is beginning to come to life.  Buds, raindrops and sap.  I love this dress rehearsal for Summer. I decided to create a layout to display my Friday Find….

Supplies from sahlinstudio and Christy Vanderwall my sticker.


  • Going to see Jim Moray on Monday so excited ….
  • Kim’s new course Start to Finish Round 2 (or s2f-2 for short lol) is fab.
  • I’m becoming even more app obsessed thanks to Barb Brookbank over at Keeping with the Times
  • Feeling happier about my creativity, thanks to s2f we had to journal our intentions and that helped a lot.

Background kk_canvasback
  • Listening to Radical Face a bit like the Decemberists love it although the video is a bit strange.

Have a creative and happy weekend.

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‘Twas on one April morning, just as the sun was rising
‘Twas on one April morning, I heard the small birds sing
They were singing Lovely Nancy, for love it is a fancy,
And how sweet were the notes that I heard the small birds sing.”
( Traditional collected by Priscilla Wyatt-Edgel from Mr R Bryant, Cowley, Exeter, Devon)
I have saturated myself this week in still life and spring flowers.
My Friday find is some lovely linen cloths.  It is sold as ‘scrim’ ( a strong, coarse fabric, chiefly used for heavy-duty lining or upholstery) it is supposed to be used for window cleaning but not by me ! I do blame Kim for this so many lovely things to look at on her Pinterest boards ! Linen being a natural fabric adds a lovely colour and texture to my still life photography.
Some beautiful Spring flowers appearing in the garden now, whites, yellows and blues so subtle and simple.
Digital supplies by Rosie Posey @ Scrapbook Graphics


Some random facts

  • A certain person has started practising packing for New Zealand, how do you get so much in a rucksack !
  • So far I have resisted Easter eggs .
  • I get so much joy from simple Spring flowers.
  • The periwinkle in the garden needs a machete to keep it under control !
  • Particularly loving this from Jim Moray 


Kim Klassen dot Com


Have a lovely holiday weekend hope you get some Easter eggs …..


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Where has the week gone ? I feel as if time is racing, the clocks have changed, the days are longer and I feel as if I have actually done less !  On the 2sF connect this week we talked about props and oh how we all love props. Part of the fun is the hunt for that special something , sometimes a treasure is found in the most unexpected places.  So, I decided to take some images with my iPhone of some of my treasures.  Memories of wonderful holidays, little pieces of paper, tissue, tape it is all pinned on my boards.  The 2 signs are my daughters ( she has her Mothers’ taste !) I am keeping looking after them until she returns from her big adventure. So I don’t have one find this week I have lots of finds ! Oh by the way I discovered that Lightroom has a camera calibration for Apple iPhones how cool is that ! But why oh why isn’t there a setting for Panasonic cameras !!!!

The weather is set fair in my part of the world this week do you have plans ? We have to clear out the garage ( no mean feat) to squeeze in more of Jo’s furniture from her flat.

Here she is on moving day with her brother Tom and best friends Tobie and Geha.

Whatever you are doing have fun ……

My Random 5 for this week hmmmm…

I have made some of my own workflow presets in Lightroom I love them.

Nothing better than a clear blue sky with pink blossom

Yellow Tulips are really hard to photograph .

I love using fabric in my photographs (see above)

I have just received my latest Blurb book, and I’m delighted



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This week I have collated my classes and my Friday Find into this layout. I created my own workflow presets in Lightroom following Kim’s tips in Beyond Beyond I love that I can do this ! In fact I’m going to create more depending on my image so I will have a soft vintage set and also a grungy high clarity set and so on.

I looked for the light in my house and found some in the downstairs bedroom,  I played with different angles and moved my beloved Manfrotto around as the light was low, we have so many grey days.  Supplies by Anna Aspnes, Dawn Inkskip, Agnes Biro and Gina Cabrera.

Onto Random 5,

  • Just finished “Shadow of Night” by Deborah Harkness part 2 in the trilogy of All Souls series. I love the Tudor period I studied it at college and it continues to fascinate.
  • I loathe ironing enough said.
  • We have decided to go to the Shrewsbury Folk Festival this year staying in the wonderful historic town for 3 nights I’m looking forward to lots of photography oh and Bellowhead are playing !!!
  • I am addicted to Shetland the detective series currently being shown on BBC 1 not only are the stories good but the scenery 
  • Wherever I am now I am constantly looking for photo opportunities !

Have a sunny weekend …..

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Well I had a completely different idea for my Friday Find this week, but this little beauty popped through my letterbox. To set the story I have had a long love affair with everything Somerset, Studio that is – I happen to live in Somerset so that can be confusing ! I first discovered the magazines on a trip to Boston way back in 2006 in a Barnes and Noble. It was love at first sight.  We have nothing like this in the UK and I was spellbound. But like a few things, Vera Bradley, Bath and Bodyworks and Barnes and Noble to name a few, it is very difficult and VERY expensive to have items shipped, and in the case of VB, B&BW not available at all.  So for a few years I paid a subscription but now the emphasis has changed it’s digital all the way. So when I had an email from Somerset Studio about their new publication I had to have it and it was worth the money and the wait…

If you love digital and want to have a sugar over load check it out (BTW I’m not being sponsored by the publishers’).

Onto Random 5

* Rediscovering Van Morrison that man is sublime he has even written a song called ‘Somerset’

* Feeling a little sad Jo is off to New Zealand in a month I have butterflies….
* My Blurb book is almost finished I am going to start another one it’s the way to go for memory keeping for me.
* My baby has turned 25 I can’t believe it !!!! Happy Birthday Tom xxxx

* I love Sarah Addison Allen my favourite so far is “The Girl who Chased the Moon” delightful.

Do you have a favourite author ?

Joining with Kim            Kim Klassen dot Com

and with Nancy    

Have a sunny weekend …..