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Well I had a completely different idea for my Friday Find this week, but this little beauty popped through my letterbox. To set the story I have had a long love affair with everything Somerset, Studio that is – I happen to live in Somerset so that can be confusing ! I first discovered the magazines on a trip to Boston way back in 2006 in a Barnes and Noble. It was love at first sight.  We have nothing like this in the UK and I was spellbound. But like a few things, Vera Bradley, Bath and Bodyworks and Barnes and Noble to name a few, it is very difficult and VERY expensive to have items shipped, and in the case of VB, B&BW not available at all.  So for a few years I paid a subscription but now the emphasis has changed it’s digital all the way. So when I had an email from Somerset Studio about their new publication I had to have it and it was worth the money and the wait…

If you love digital and want to have a sugar over load check it out (BTW I’m not being sponsored by the publishers’).

Onto Random 5

* Rediscovering Van Morrison that man is sublime he has even written a song called ‘Somerset’

* Feeling a little sad Jo is off to New Zealand in a month I have butterflies….
* My Blurb book is almost finished I am going to start another one it’s the way to go for memory keeping for me.
* My baby has turned 25 I can’t believe it !!!! Happy Birthday Tom xxxx

* I love Sarah Addison Allen my favourite so far is “The Girl who Chased the Moon” delightful.

Do you have a favourite author ?

Joining with Kim            Kim Klassen dot Com

and with Nancy    

Have a sunny weekend …..


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I found some Daffodil buds in the garden bravely struggling through the cold wet clay soil.  They were a welcome sight. In the warmth of the house they slowly opened bringing the clean fresh scent of Spring……
Using Kim’s VintageMagicMess texture and her beautiful new set of brushes (laurel). I created a soft light vintage feel.

And, because I was so happy to see some colour in these grey days I textured another with ‘Cherish’, added a heart and vine brush .

I made myself a little brush to add to my layout

Don’t you just love yellow it really lifts the spirits…..


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                                        “If you wake at midnight, and hear a horse’s feet,
                                        Don’t go drawing back the blind, or looking in the street,
                                        Them that ask no questions isn’t told a lie.
                                        Watch the wall my darling while the Gentleman go by”.
                                                                       ~ Rudyard Kipling A Smuggler’s Song

A week or so ago Mark and I were invited to stay a few days with friends who had rented a house in Polperro in Cornwall. Polperro is a harbour town in the far south west of England.  It is a tourist trap in the Summer, full of holiday makers and unfortunately many of the houses and cottages are holiday homes, very few locals live by the water a sign of the times in this part of the world where unemployment is high and very seasonal.

Polperro has a long history – it dates back to the 13th century and certainly smuggling took place in the 18th century when duty on many goods were increased due to war with Britain’s neighbours.

In 1798 a Polperro boat called the Lottery was involved in an incident in which a Customs Officer was killed. One of the crew, Tom Potter, was later tried for murder at the Old Bailey and executed. As a result, the smuggling trade that had once thrived in Polperro began to diminish as Revenue officials determined to put a stop to it.

The houses are tightly packed and visitors are no longer permitted to take cars into the village and have to leave them in the main car park to the north of the village and walk the half mile length of the village to the harbour. I can speak from experience that the streets are so steep and narrow that we had to pull our wing mirrors in to drive down to the house.

Commercial fishing still takes place with twelve boats regularly operating looking to catch scallops, crabs and so on.
I had great fun walking along the harbour to get some shots of a working harbour.

The noise from the gulls was deafening !

From the house we could look down on the harbour – a very privileged position.


Of course there was plenty of this when the weather wasn’t good !

It was a photographer’s dream.   I loved it there and next time maybe we will stay somewhere else –  I would love St.Ives…

Joining up with Helen on her Weekend Walk.

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This week the news in the UK has been full of stories about the record breaking rain we have had.
Some communities have now been underwater since Christmas and as rain falls on sodden ground more and more properties and communities are being flooded, homes and livelihoods have been lost.
I am not surprised that people are volunteering help and sending aid.  Farmers from all over the country are bringing straw for cattle, supermarkets are donating water as the risk of contamination is high in this farming community.


I know that over the other side of the Atlantic my U.S. friends are experiencing some horrendous weather themselves, and I known those communities too there many Good Samaritans helping out.
So my Friday Find today is knowing that all over the world there are people who with no expectation of reward are helping others…..
Random Five

  • I wish Starbucks would change their playlist 

  • I’m not enjoying Game of Thrones as much as Name of the Wind, maybe it will grow on me…

  • Quote of the week ‘ Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle” Plato

  • Roxi at Coppercurls Designs asked if I would be willing to do some demo layouts for her wonderful new kit called Organic Red. I jumped at the chance, it was much harder than I thought it would be because I don’t normally stick to just one kit when I am creating, she also gave me a great video on drop shadows , she is a great teacher check out her new kit HERE
  •  I never ever want to have a phone locked to one provider, the trouble it causes if you want to change.
Happy Valentines to Mark 33 years married this April

Have a safe and happy weekend .
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It’s been a week of rain, rain and then gale force winds. The West Country has been lashed with storms. So I’m pleased that the weekend is almost here but, more rain to come. Creativity has been a little low, light has been non existent.

So I have been researching some new books to read. I used a website called Lovereading it’s bit like Goodreads. I used to work in a bookshop it was my dream job, we used to meet book reviewers and representatives from the publishing houses, sigh… it was wonderful. One of those book reviewers now helps to run Lovereading.

So here are my Friday Finds. A list of books that are waiting to be devoured.

Wake by Anna Hope :
A story set after the Great War as The Unknown Soldier is carried back to be buried in Westminster Abbey we are told the story of three different women and how their lives will interconnect.

 Secrets of Life and Death :
An urban fantasy that moves back and forwards between 1585 and the present day.


The Name of the Wind : Patrick Rothfuss: A wonderful start to a trilogy ,  probably the best fantasy book I have ever read, and believe me I am fussy ! I’m reading it on my iPad as it’s huge.

Some random thoughts:

Why do people snowboard ? I caught a bit on TV from Sochi it’s scary I pity their parents.

Audio books are wonderful they keep me company I’m listening to Entry Island by Peter May fabulous.

I have a mug obsession ….

Digital scrapbookers and designers are so generous.

I am continuing to love Art Journaling digitally….

Digital supplies by Tangie Baxter, Nancie Rowe Janitz and Captivated Visions.

Linking with Friday Finds and Random Five

What are you reading ?

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Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside

I do like to be beside the sea!

I do like to stroll along the Prom, Prom, Prom!

Where the brass bands play:


So just let me be beside the seaside

I’ll be beside myself with glee

And there’s lots of girls beside,

I should like to be beside

Beside the seaside!

Beside the sea!
There is something special about the seaside in Winter. I like desolation and cold breezy walks along the prom. Weston – Super-Mare is a traditional British seaside resort and it really is deserted. We have had such a wet Winter so far complete with flooding and downed trees that to manage to avoid the rain is quite a feat.  This is North Somerset and is quite well known for it’s high tidal range which gives a sandy beach but also mudflats that can be dangerous.  But in the Summer it is full of holiday makers with donkey rides, candy floss and slot machines.

Weston became popular during the Victorian period when the Bank Holiday was introduced to give workers a 3 day weekend  and a pier was built to help to entertain them .  The Pavilion at the end of the pier burnt down in 2008 and was completely destroyed but a new pier was built and reopened in 2012.

We walked along the boardwalk to the end of the pier .
We were almost the only people ….
There are only a few remnants of an earlier time.
I hope you enjoyed my weekend walk, linking with Helen today at The Inspiration Pavilion

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Notes from the Desktop

Friday, the end of the week for many, are you planning something special or, digging in due to extreme weather ?
We are all different we come from different cultures,  different customs and all have different views on how to spend our leisure time. 

So here are my random five on favourite ways to spend a weekend.

Breakfast at Bill’s in Exeter mmm french toast with berries and maple syrup.

Family tea on a Sunday with Mark Jo  and Tom they lead busy lives and to see them together is a treat.

Hiring a DVD and watching with friends.  Our local library has a good selection and many an argument discussion has taken place there on the best film to get.

A good walk at Hestercombe stopping on the way to take photos of anything that catches the eye, followed by a cup of tea and a browse in the garden shop.

Playing on the laptop whilst Mark is on the family MAC reading out snippets from the web, it can be music or film reviews sometimes a piece of news.

So let me know, what is your favourite way to spend a weekend or a day off I would love to hear ?

My Friday Find

 This week is finding that I love abstracts. This week on a trip to the seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare I found inspiration on the pier (more to follow on Sunday with the Weekend Walk). I had plenty of time to compose and play with focus and aperture. I created a layout processing in Lightroom and then Photoshop.

Supplies by Anna Aspnes, Cottage Arts and Kitty Designs. 

Have a great weekend…..

Linking with Nancy and Kim .

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The wordle this week is
And here is my layout including as many words as I can. The photo is of my daughter Jo modelling a bustle skirt made by her friend at BootLeg Pirates a great team using recycled materials to create beautiful things. Here is a photo of one of their wonderful creations an old English penny cut and reimaged. Check out their Etsy site.


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Do you get sidetracked when you on the computer ? Do you start off with the intention of finishing an art piece then discover yourself moving around music files and tidying up iTunes. Then you look at the clock and find that the time you have allocated for computer is over ?  Yes that’s me..

So, a quick post and some images that I am playing with for PhotoArtistry , if you haven’t come across this course check it out HERE it’s brilliant.

So I started with this a photo taken with my iPhone 4 
Not one of my best efforts at all, in fact before the days of Photoshop and Lightroom I would have thrown it away, but I liked the sky.
Here is what I did with it in Lightroom.
Lots of drama and a tobacco’s beginning to look better
This is when the fun began.
Many layers,  hours  and cups of tea later !
 Then I thought to myself let’s try something else
And finally
I’m undecided but I think my favourite is number 1 I’m not sure that the background in number 3 is quite right.
Tell me what you think ?


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It’s an obsession, notebooks. Clean unmarred ready for pen, crayon or paint. So why can’t I use them ?  Why do I stroke them, put them away take them out periodically, stroke them again, sigh, then put them back in the drawer.

I can do better with a Wacom tablet and brushes than I can ever do with paper, glue and paint so why this compulsion?

Take a look at the image below all done digitally . I started with a 8.5 x8.5 canvas (artifact size). Then filled it with a creamy yellow colour ( I’m sort of thinking Moleskine colour) . Then I ran a watercolour filter over it to get a sort of feel of a watercolour notebook.  a dictionary page that I had scanned was added using the darken blend at 12% opacity so as you could just see it.

At that point I decided I wanted an autumnal type palette so off I went to Design Seeds,  have you seen the site ? Great for inspiration here is the link to the palette I chose it’s called canyon colour.

Lots of brushes layered I used Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Metro Brush set, changing colours and rotating them.
I stopped there and saved the page as a canvas ready to add photos,text and embellishments.
So no need for notebooks hmmmm….
Here are two layouts with the same subject but completely different styles which do you like the best ?
Additional supplies by Captivated Visions, Agnes Biro and Tangie Baxter font Old Press.
Additional Supplies by Anna Aspnes,  Flergs@ Scrapbook Graphics and Cinzia Designs @ Oscraps  font League Gothic