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Welcome to my virtual blog posting, I was invited by Dotti to take part here is my take on the questions….

What am I working on ?

I can be working more than one thing at a time, usually it is a digital scrapping or journal piece and also a photographic project prompted by a tutorial. I have neglected my journaling type pieces recently but I really love the challenge of creating a piece collaged with ephemera and other elements. I relish the challenge of creating from scratch a piece using all my own elements in my work whether it is brushes or papers.

How does my work differ from others of it’s genre ?

I think it is so difficult to describe what you do and also most artists would probably say that they are influenced by other artists to some degree.  All I know is I’m quirky with a romantic side but also I love to mix up what I do. I always like to add a little twist somewhere either a quote or flourish and in my digital scrapping I sometimes like the gothic…

Why do I write/create what I do ?

Because I have to, it’s my therapy – my safe, level place.  When I’m creating everything is calm I can lose myself in my work. All my life I have wanted to be creative and I tried various hobbies.  but photography and journaling stuck.

How does your creativity process work ?

It can be anything really that sparks my imagination. I think of photography as telling a story, sometimes a colour and very often words. I love to use quotes or lyrics from a favourite song. I trained as a History teacher and will often use words from a folk song to illustrate my art journaling pages.  I use my photography and scrapping pages to tell our family history as well. I will take a long time deciding which images from a photo outing then choose the type of page I want to make mixing and matching colours and elements.

I’m not very disciplined so I don’t think I could ever be a professional but I love what I do and that is enough for me, I have favourite designers that I always go to, it’s very like pulling out paper and glue and ribbon and trying them for size on a piece of paper only it’s all digital and you can delete if you don’t like it !!

Supplies by Anna Aspnes

Hope you have enjoyed a trip through my creative process, next week three of my favourite creatives will be posting their thoughts they are:-

Helen Whitaker  At  A Flash of Inspiration 

I’m based in the north-west of England and blog about my passion for photography.  In particular I enjoy exploring all things vintage and heritage related. I’m also addicted to seeking out beauty in the unexpected from grimy neglected buildings to fading flowers. I make a point of getting out each weekend into the city or countryside with my camera and share my discoveries on my feature “Weekend Walks”

Diana Foster at Studio 56

 Is a lifestyle photographer and card designer living and creating in Kansas City.  She is wife to one, mother of two, sister to many, a musician, blog addict, and a hopeless dreamer.  Her days are spent romancing ordinary life and everyday stories.  Lovely images captured by Diana have been published in Life Images and Kansas

Roxi Hardegree at Creating Beyond the Layers

Has a passion for photography. Her photographic art includes still life, nature photography and random things that catch her eye. However she also believes that variety adds spice to life and enjoys the challenges of capturing life as it happens, or happened as the case may be.

Hop along and check out these wonderful artists, thanks for visiting….