Who are You ?


When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

~ Lao Tzu

This morning I opened at random a little book called ‘High Hopes 170 Ways to Lift the Spirits in the hope of finding a good quote for my Instagram feed and I came across

 Who are you ?


So I asked myself the question, daughter, mother, wife, friend, homemaker?  But there is more, we often neglect the other side of ourselves.

How about artist, creative, photographer, writer ? And what might I become ?

It’s never to late to know ourselves, we are always changing





In 2016 I want to see what I can become, artist, creative, writer and photographer. I know it will be a gradual process.




How about you ? will you join me ?

12 thoughts on “Who are You ?

  1. At Glen’s Christmas Party recently, someone I had not met before said to me “Oh you’re Glen’s wife” to which I responded “Yes, I am Sarah, but I am also a photographer and a writer, and an awesome mom” The person probably thought I was a little queer, but it felt so good to not be categorized just as Glen’s wife.


  2. An excellent way to look at ourselves, and not be in just “one” classification. And it seems it is important to know who we are along with what we can become. Each day brings new challenges, and steps to accomplish the new “you/me”. Love this Viv!!


  3. I did this last year as my word for the year was Discover-Me. It was a challenge to find me, but I think I did it through my weekly blog. I continue to strive to find myself and not what someone else thinks I should be doing with my photography especially. Good question Viv one I think everyone should think about.


  4. Who are you? may get a different answer depending who, when and where asks. To find out what is hidden under all the labels is fascinating. What a wonderful quote and question you shared. Thank you.


  5. Funny at this stage of life so many of us ask that question in hopes of knowing right off the bat. Well I can say a few things as well as the others and what the others are but really Im unfolding a New Year in hopes of finding more being more accepting more and living more. Great blog post.


  6. It’s so easy to think the roles we play are who are but as you said..we are much more. I am still trying to get to the essence of who I am but it is for sure a life long journey. I know now more than I did but I hope 2016 will bring more insight and more freedom to fly with the knowledge I learn. A very thought provoking post…


  7. It is interesting how our perspective changes based on the kind of day it is. This dreary gray January Saturday just entering the post-holiday slump discouraged that I’ll never find anything to photograph again (that is so not rational but how I was feeling), you can get stuck in a feeling of nothingness. You can feel like a finger put in a glass of water…once you remove it, you can’t even tell it was ever there. Thank God this is not how I feel most days. I have been creative since I took my first breath, but it has manifest itself in different ways. I do embrace my creativity…especially with my photography and writing…but am always stunned that someone else finds value in my work.


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