New Year New Connections




“Relationships are like farming,

if you don’t plant the seed,

you’ll have no crop to harvest”





My word for 2016 is connection.

As a new year begins new ideas begin to form. I’m resurrecting the blog and making new connections. New friendships, connecting with like minded souls and submitting work to publications is my goal for the year ahead.






Instagram continues to be my favourite form of social networking, I’ve made some great connections there. I hope to continue with a quote a day.



May the stars carry your sadness away,

May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,

May hope forever wipe away your tears,

And, above all, may silence make you strong.

Chief Dan George

Have you chosen a word for 2016 ?

What I’m reading – The House of Silk,  Anthony Horowitz.

What I’m listening to – The Afro Celt Sound System with Robert Plant

7 thoughts on “New Year New Connections

  1. Great word Viv! I definitely want to continue making connections with new and old friends in 2016, both via the inter web and in real life.


  2. Good word, worthy objectives and I wish you the best in fulfilling them. I know you will. I’m so happy you’ve decided to continue blogging, I’m still ‘suspended’. And I must tell you, I love your quote a day on IG, very inspirational for me.


  3. Oh such a very good word – I love it!! I’m also happy you will still be blogging. Wishing you an amazing 2016 Viv…exciting that you’ll be submitting to publications. xx


  4. Great word. Love reading your quotes everyday. Embracing and moment. Seem to keep coming together for me as words for me. I am excited for you and the submitting to publications.


  5. I almost chose “connect” for my word this year…but went with “seek.” I need to do better with connections. Being out in the working world giving myself away every day, I tend to want to hermit outside of work. I have felt less connected with the group since The Studio was created and all in with still life is just not me. But our Cuppa Group has become more diversified with its name change…for that I am grateful! So, I guess using my word part of my focus this year is to “seek” connections! Yeah…I like it!


  6. Such a beautiful post Viv. I love your word. I have decided not to take a word this year and just let things fall into place however they do. Your quote a day sounds wonderful and like you, I would love to get something published this year. Not quite sure how to do it but I’ll figure it out. Wishing you the best year ever Viv…xo


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