Autumn Story

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This week I almost decided to ditch my blog, I’ve been very lacklustre for the past six months about keeping it up. A number of things have made me feel this way




The doldrums isn’t that a great word ? The dictionary gives this definition

” a state of inactivity or stagnation, as in business or art:”






Well that has been me. I suppose I’m looking for a reason to blog, a goal or maybe a theme.







Maybe just to showcase photographs ?





To add quotes or wise words ?

“Align yourself with people that you can learn from, people who want more out of life, people who are stretching and searching and seeking some higher ground in life.”

— Les Brown





Maybe a link up ? I really miss Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesdays and Friday Finds….




Then there is the fear that if I did a link up would anyone bother to link ….





So what do you think ? Would you join me in a link up ? Would you like a theme ?





Maybe this might be the answer, Adobe Slate. Although it doesn’t have a social element you can embed in your blog or send a link to it via Facebook and Twitter but you can’t comment and if you do ‘Appreciate’ the author can’t see you liked it ….

Please click on image below to see my story on Slate


A Visit to Trill Farm

So let me know via comments or email…..

10 thoughts on “Autumn Story

  1. Hi Viv!

    I’m so hopping you don’t give up your beautiful blog! I’m brand new to the blogging world – (as of this week!) and although I don’t have a following I would love to learn how to link up! Love Slate and what you did with it. Looking forward to more inspiration from my visits here!


  2. I think you have to do what feels right to you. Maybe pursuing Slate for a while is a possibility. I guess you have to ask yourself the questions, What do I like about blogging? What do I not like about blogging? I think so many of us have gathered up our skirts and ventured into new directions, we are truly pursuing what makes us curious. What are you curious about Viv?


  3. Hi Viv, I think Sarah is on to something and I’d love to hear what you are curious about…..One thing is for sure, you take such wonderful photographs and it would be sad if they were not shared in whatever form you should choose..I’ll be curious to see what direction you will take….It seems that many of us are feeling the same thing….


    1. Maybe not ditch it…but give it a rest and try Slate for awhile. I did 31 days last year and burnt out. Did it this year but was a much different experience as I used the 31 More Things class from Ali Edwards and had my content somewhat front loaded. I’m feeling more inspired to blog now. Do what your heart tells you…although I would miss your “thoughts from the desktop.”


  4. Interesting post today Viv….I was just “morning pages” myself today about new directions I will be taking, after some self evaluation. It’s all such a journey, often into unknown territory. I find that doing “what your heart leads” is usually what will keep you moving with the flow and feeling great about it, not what others want…because they will come and go. Your photography is just beautiful, and I always love seeing what you create with elements of scrapbooking layers.


  5. Hi Viv,

    I’ve felt the same about my blog since moving house in June. My days are so busy that I only seem to have time to “like” photos and hardly comment….. All my props are stored away…. still ! ( although my new space is almost finished and I think that may help…even if it is just a small room in the basement ! ) I really missed the link ups too, it was a fun way to visit other blogs as well as an incentive to make a photo. I’m not much for “wise words” , preferring photography to writing. I’m consequently miles behind on prompts from The Studio, but not worried about it.

    I have no idea what my “niche” is…..I like photographing everything ! Slate looks really interesting, and I love your Slate story…..what an amazing place ! Your photos are beautiful 🙂


  6. Viv… your blog is wonderful and your photos are amazingly beautiful! I found that when Kim had Texture Tuesdays & Friday Finds, I was visiting more blogs. Now I am finding it hard to keep up to my blog, FB, Flickr, Pinterest, Steller Stories and Instagram. I gave up on Twitter and LinkedIn for our business because I just couldn’t keep up. I really do miss the link-ups on TT & FF though. I guess we have to go with what our hearts are telling us. If you did do a link-up, I would be interested. You did a beautiful job of your Slate story!


  7. Hi VIv,
    I have been in the same boat lately… I try to post every week but with no link up I am not very motivated. I love your art. I say keep doing what you love, if blogging fits into that category keep it up. There are no rules. You can take a break and always come back. If you had a link up I would love to join in. 🙂


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