Tuesday Thoughts – A Week of Autumn

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This week I have been using my iPhone even more than usual to document my days. It’s always with me, it makes me think about limitations and how to get around those problems.


-IMG_2590for blog

Close shot using Snapseed and adding lens blur, taken at Trill Farm



Of course the days of low megapixel camera phones have gone and retro photography is all the rage, adding leaks, deliberately fading and adding lomo effects all add to the fun.


-IMG_7672for blog



Using VSCO and adding fade highlights and shadow colours. Taken in Vivary Park


It’s making people take photos again, documenting lives and making memories. I’m all for that, as a historian it warms my heart. But on the other side what worries me is that so many people don’t bother to take their precious images off their phone, they sit there never being printed or saved and one day pouf…. they will be gone when the phone crashes or the phone gets damaged.  Although i’m a disorganised and untidy human being ( my husband will testify to that ) but as far as photo organisation goes I am a fiend. I don’t keep my  photos on my phone for long they are saved to my Lightroom catalogue under year and month, they have their own key words and monthly they are backed up onto an external hard drive. I know I know you are thinking that is overkill but I don’t expect everyone else to be quite so picky as me !


-IMG_7665for blog


Taken using ProCamera tweaked in Lightroom


So if you know someone who has a phone and their life is documented on it please help them to take those photos off and save them and think of all those wonderful memories you have saved….


Layouts this week.







I’ve just finished the wonderful Anna Aspnes’ AnnaBlendzLive class it was fabulous I learnt so much….








Have a great week ……


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts – A Week of Autumn

  1. I have a half orderly system for my phone photos, but I do need to work on that more. I always that will be a winter project, but this year is anything like last year, I will still be out shooting in the snow, so I should just start working on the organizing. There was a great article in the latest Kinfolk, about this issue as well. It was a great article.


  2. These are so evocative of the season Viv and they all have your unique look and feel, which I love. And your layouts just get better and better! I am so impressed at how organized you are about your images. Keywords and all! Good on ya. I don’t have a phone and I try to keep all my images and print them too but haven’t got to the keywords yet. If ever!


  3. I download my iPhone photos regularly via Lightroom, but I know a lot of people don’t bother. In a local Facebook group I recently saw a post from a man who had lost his small point & shoot camera while visiting our town. He was upset because it had EIGHT YEARS worth of photos in it…he had lost his entire photographic history from all that time. I felt sorry for him, but couldn’t imagine leaving all those pictures in a camera without any backup!


  4. I love your layouts, Viv. I am pretty good at getting my photos off my phone and into Lightroom but my problem comes in getting them printed. I keep thinking I will do it tomorrow (You know the Scarlett O’Hara mentality) but as we know tomorrow never seems to come…I have really been after my daughter about this very issue. She has so many photos on her phone. Since I take so many photographs, I wonder if in the back of her mind she thinks I am her backup…..I hope you have a great week….


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