Wheat or Barley field


What I’m listening to – Mandolin Orange HERE I love their style.

For ages i’ve been keeping my eye on the field a few houses down the road. It’s a large field that often lies fallow, some years it has had rape growing and some years just weedy stuff. This year it has wheat or barley I’m not sure which and I have discovered that I love this field





The texture and colour.





The way it rustles and moves.







I just want to pick an ear and pull all of it off the stem and watch it fly in the breeze.




This field goes on and on and you can see the Quantock Hills in the distance. My village has one foot in the town and one in the country, just how I like it.




“Oats. A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.”
― Samuel Johnson

P.S. I know it’s not oats but I loved the quote !

6 thoughts on “Wheat or Barley field

  1. Awesome field. I always feel the yellow of the crop against the blue sky, is a color combination that can not be beat.


  2. Oh, what fun! There is something about wheat/barley/whatever waving in the wind that is so hypnotic. Great photos! I think that new camera agrees with you! I also love the clean new look of your space!


  3. Our what fields here in Texas are pitiful compared to North Dakota where I grew up. This field looks incredibly healthy. You may have to grab some photos of the farmer harvesting it. Love your shots.


  4. Viv, these are wonderful. I can see why you’re so delighted to have this in your “neighborhood”! I can imagine it in various lights and bending in a gentle breeze or stronger wind….a photographer’s dream.


  5. The sounds of wind rustling through the grain must be relaxing, and soothing, not to mention the color and even a quiet sound as it waves in the wind. Beautiful against the blue sky. Beautiful!!


  6. Viv, the wheat against the blue sky is gorgeous. I have a bundle of wheat that I keep in my kitchen and I love the details of the grain and it just represents wholesomeness to me. You are blessed to have such a huge field so close by to enjoy…..


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