I think we’ve been so successfully seduced by the technology and technique – the HOW – that we’ve forgotten our vision or intent – the WHY. We didn’t mean to, of course we didn’t. But if the art of photography lies where craft and vision converge, then it’s probably because we’ve all been so caught up in the maddening learning curve of the craft that we’ve neglected the vision. David DuChemin

Oh my goodness this is me, technology and a head full of ‘stuff’. Bits from classes, a bit here a bit there. I’m going back to basics a sort of  downsize. I have my wonderful new camera. all the hardware and software I could possibly need. So back to basics using IG, my blog and of course Facebook. Lets see how I do.


Early morning, it had been raining. In my garden just before the boundary. Panasonic FZ1000, 1/80 at f 4.0, focal length 146mm, ISO 250.


In the morning in the sunroom. Panasonic FZ1000, 1/1000 at f 3.2, focal length 15.26 mm, ISO 200.

-on this dayon this day

Supplies by Anna Aspnes, Mini Palette Cherish, ArtPlay Palette Explore and Downtown.

9 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Going back to the simplified is always the best way to reset. I love how we both are drawing inspiration from David. So much truth in what he says. I LOVE that first image, simple beauty, perfection!


  2. Simplification and intention are things I’m longing for in my life as well as my photography. Despite that desire, I still go out and just photograph whatever catches my eye and strikes me as interesting and/or lovely. I don’t know…maybe for me that IS simplification. These images are beautiful and I look forward to seeing where your new “journey” will take you.


  3. I love the idea of returning to basics! I do think we can get too carried away with bells and whistles. At the end of the day, though, we need to be true to ourselves. There are so many delicious morsels in DuChemin’s book. You learn well, Biv! These photos and your scrapbook page are wonderful. And simple.


  4. Thanks for this post, Viv. My unstated sentiments exactly. Sometimes my head feels like it’s going to explode. Beautiful pics


  5. I couldn’t agree more Viv…it’s good to go back to basic’s and for me, every once in awhile I take a break and just edit…I find that so peaceful…
    Your early morning photo’s are so lovely…


  6. This is so true Viv…I started out trying to “find my eye” because I had no clue what I really liked back then… sucked into the class (mouse) trap, and now, am slowly finding my way out. You and Sarah are both ahead of me on that path, and I couldn’t be more excited for you!! I love all of these, and your artful expression in the last is beautiful! Like Helen said, it is liberating.


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