Back to Basics

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I am not very good at sticking to a plan sometimes I just prevaricate (like the ironing) . Other times I just can’t decide what to do creatively, I just have too many strands and I often am frozen.

So today I just started with a blank canvas and pulled supplies onto it and didn’t think I just

C R E A T E D.




Face by MissSouls-stock @ DeviantArt Digital supplies

by Jenn Maddocks and Captivated Visions.



Supplies by Anna Aspnes and Captivated Visions


Supplies by Rebecca Mcmeen (Tari)

Photography may just take a bit of a break and I will play and experiment..

Linking with Barb at Sunday Sundries HERE

6 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. You have a real gift for this kind of digital art, Viv. These are full of joy and whimsy. I love what you said about not thinking, just creating! That approach sure paid off. What a great collection. More, more!


  2. I agree with Sherry – you do have a gift with digital art and these images are amazing. If we could all just play … imagine!? thank you so much for linking up today Viv! I’m so happy to have you!


  3. I hear ya! Frozen describes it well. I absolutely love that first page. In one of my classes we are instructed to do just that and only spend about 5 minutes on it. And do that often. It’s just an excessive in creativity. Sometimes it turns out great it at least is a good starting point.


  4. Beautiful work Viv! I am like you, too many strands and it is hard to keep them all going all the time, sometimes I just want to take a week off from all of it.


  5. These are fabulous Viv! I always enjoy seeing how you use the digital supplies. My folder is getting filled, but I haven’t created much with them, and I really love them. You are wise to take a break and play…that is an inspiration. I love the middle art! Have fun!!


  6. What a gift you have in so many mediums Viv..I love visiting your page and seeing your work on Facebook…you remind me always, to keep at it…let it flow…I love what you have done here, especially the first piece of art…and it is beautiful art for sure…

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog for Jaxson…he is special as is his brother….but this one is so funny…brightens any day. Also Viv…I truly appreciate your comment on my writing..Like you, I love what I do but also, like you, sometimes I freeze up even when I want to write…so you must do like you say…take the blank canvas and just create…
    Have a beautiful weekend Viv…


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