“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
― Rumi


I’ve been missing in action on my blog for many weeks. I don’t feel very inclined at the moment to blog. I’m not sure why, but Barb has a link up on her blog called Sunday Sundries and I heard her call, ‘start blogging again Viv ‘….

I have been concentrating on my iPhone photography recently so I thought I would post a few of my favourite shots. I mainly use Hipstamatic or the iPhone camera to get the ‘instant’ look I am in love with at the moment. Also Instagram now gives you so much more control than it used to so loads more fun there as well.



Still Life using Instagram


Hipstamatic using Madalena lens and Daydream film


Using Instagram adding a tilt shift effect

So that was a little selection of what I’ve been up to I’ll finish with another image of my beautiful Peonies that will be over far too soon. Happy Sunday…

-IMG_0201peoniesand book

Using Instagram

PS  You can find me on Instagram I’d love to see you there.


Linking up with Barb on Sunday Sundries At Keeping up with the Times HERE

9 thoughts on “Sundries

  1. Beautiful images Viv! Your iPhone shots are stunning! I’ve just never had the patience to shoot with my phone. I think one reason is that I’m not nearly steady enough and don’t LOVE the shots. Kudos to you for immersing yourself in it.
    Love that quote up top! Have a Blessed Sunday!
    (Visiting from Barb’s Sunday Sundries.)


  2. Fantastic photos, Viv! I haven’t even paid any attention to the new IG filters. It looks like I’d better correct that. Like you, I’ve not had much inclination to post on my personal blog lately. Sometimes a hiatus is good.


  3. I love your work Viv … always have … and your images today are simply amazing! I’m so happy you stopped by and shared your link – thank you!!


  4. A wonderful post, Viv. I’ve been using my iPhone camera for most of my photography lately and am getting to the point where I like it better than my dSLR. And often get better images with it! Now I just wish for higher resolution and a zoom lens….. 🙂


  5. Mobile photography is the best. So portable, so easy, so full of artistic possibilities. I always forget about Hipstamatic, thanks for the reminder.


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