Texture Tuesday


Good morning is Spring or Autumn with you yet ?  I feel the seasons are slow to change this year, one step forward and one step back or am I just more impatient ? A bit of both I think….



These lilacs sum up my feelings on Spring, glorious, uncertain, full of fragrance and over all too quickly..




I’m currently following prompts from Liz Lamoreux on her Hand to Heart Facebook page. This month the prompts are Prompts of Everyday Beauty and today’s prompt is ‘Your own Backyard’ so all the images today are from my garden or the sunroom in my garden… If you want to check out Liz’s website it’s HERE

I’ve created this post on my iPad mini using photographs taken on my iPhone as an experiment today.


The quote is from Julia Child.  Apps used Typic, Project Life app, Over and Rhonna Designs.




10 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday

  1. I would say your experiment was quite successful! Did you resize all your photos before plugging them in? The only time I’ve posted from my iPad and needed to add a link I ended up going back later on the computer and edited it. There’s got to be a way…. Love your pocket page! and your from above purple shot! Oh Yeah baby!


  2. Spring is definitely here now, finally, and I’ve been reveling this week in daffodils and tulips and pale green leaves. The temperatures have been crazy, hot one day and 30 degrees cooler the next. Your spring collage is beautiful. It looks like what it says: a happy day!


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