Here comes the Rain

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Hello Texture Tuesday. i’m so glad I took some blossom photos yesterday because today the weather forecast is not good. As photographers how often do you check the weather forecast before you grab your camera ? I’d love to know….

Over in The Studio Online Kim’s prompt is potting sheds, the greenhouse needs a good clean so many cobwebs ! So I took my potting shed into the garden.


Some of the flowers were taken from the grass, the lilac from the fence…

I have created a new soft preset called berrily blue, It’s one of Kim’s that I have tweaked…





The little jar is a tealight holder but it works well as a vase…




I love hearts and the paper was part of a little packet that contained a wedding invitation, more about that in June….



Finally a layout. lilaclove


Supplies by Anna Aspnes, Breakaway and Spring Showers.

I hope the sun shines where you are today…..


Kim Klassen dot com

24 thoughts on “Here comes the Rain

  1. Super images Viv! I’m going to struggle with this one! If the rain holds off I may venture towards the shed full of chairs and tables etc. May fool a few people into thinking I’m a gardener!


  2. This is how I think of an English garden and the table would be set. I wish I was there with you have a cup of coffee or tea. I love how you take your images and put them in a layout, you are just too cool. 🙂


  3. Oh my gosh……would love to have that little greenhouse…..cobwebs and all. I’d even trade you my potting bench for it! LOL
    Such lovely images……always. Can’t wait to hear more about that paper. Love the tea light jar for a vase….perfect!


  4. Yes, I do check the weather before going out…
    Such a beautiful set-up Viv…and lovely light..The white lilac’s are wonderful…and the tea light vase is perfect.
    Your creative energy is flowing here Girl…
    Enjoy the day/night…the sun is finally shinning here.


  5. I’m pining for your cool cobweb filled greenhouse. These are all just beautiful, and I could “hang out” here all afternoon…with a cup of tea, and a nice stroll around your garden with you, and then I’d ask you to please give me a tutorial or two on making such beautiful layouts. xx


  6. Such lovely lilac – I feel I can smell the beautiful fragrance. I seldom check the weather forecast before I go shooting. Since we don’t have much rain, I love taking photos in the rain or shortly afterward. Raindrops on flowers are simply irresistible.


  7. Ahhhh. Love getting this peek into your English garden! You know I’m fascinated by all things British. Great photos and your props are so perfect. Yes, I watch the weather often to plan my photo shoots, both indoors and out.


  8. Rain and high wind here today … 😦
    What a lovely setting, Viv, and your new preset looks great !
    Also your layout … wonderful as always !
    Have a nice week,


  9. I love your empty pot with the design on it. Great addition to your shoot. Lovely photos as always…. This week I did check the weather because the wildflowers here are amazing and I intended to drive about 75 miles to capture all the ones I wanted. I had a preview when we went to see hubby’s parents but sometimes I’d just rather go at my leisure. So Monday was the day because the rest of the week was forecasting rain and lots of it. Gosh, I feel like I’m writing my blog post! enough rambling… a wedding, huh?


  10. I too am a big heart fan. Had heart taper candle holders at my wedding, the unity candle holder was heart shaped as were our champagne flutes. Lovely pictures of your pretty flowers.


  11. Your greenhouse — so quaint and lovely! Thanks for taking us on a tour of your garden, Viv. And I’m always amazed at the creations you make. You have such talent and an eye for composition.


  12. Beautiful photos Viv. The thing I mainly notice is the breeze in the garden especially when I want to take macro photos – I never really noticed it so much in times gone by,


  13. Fantastic layout. Beautiful photos. You have a hot house . . . lucky you. Your second photo is my favorite . . . actually, the page layout is.


  14. Your flowers are so pretty! The lilacs at my daughter’s place are just starting to get leaves, never mind blossoms. It’s still going to be a while. I love your greenhouse!!!


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