It’s all about the flowers.

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The bluebells are here. They don’t last long but they are a joy.



presets, ‘mine’ and ‘oxford matt by me.


The weather has been kind and everything is beginning to bloom.




Presets, ‘new logo’ by me and ‘softness of time’ by Kim Klassen

They make perfect subjects for a layout


Supplies by Anna Aspnes ‘Behold’ ArtPlay Palette

Linking with Kim Klassen  today


18 thoughts on “It’s all about the flowers.

  1. Love your Oxford matt preset. Intense loveliness. Wish we had bluebells here. There are a lot if things I wish we had here. Lol


  2. Viv, these are all so pretty! Bluebells will be blooming in another month…the greens are up now, but will die down, before the shoots appear. My former neighbor gave me the starts, and I’ve enjoyed having them. The color is so pretty. I love your sweet page layout!


  3. I love all of these Viv…it’s like walking in while spring is coming awake…your treatment is wonderful and your own pre-set is beautiful.
    You are so talented…so very nicely presented.


  4. So far it’s been too cold and I haven’t seen my bluebells come up. We’ve had frost and freezing even though it’s almost May. Yours look lovely. Such a cute little flower. Thanks for the tip on Anna. Looks like she has some great items.


  5. Oh, those blue bells are so delicate and beautiful! So many spring flowers have such delicacy and last only a bit, making them more treasured. Your layout is lovely, too!


  6. You always amaze me with your creations, Viv. This one of spring flowers is just beautiful. I can’t decide which are my favorites — the white or the purple. They go together in your image so well. I’m glad to see you are enjoying spring where you live!


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