Spring Tradition




Recently my blogging has eased, I find that I am communicating more and more on Facebook in private groups. Also some new apps are piquing my interest Steller and Storehouse in particular. I don’t know if I will give up blogging completely but check me out on Steller HERE and Storehouse HERE.

Anyway back to today. Do you have traditions ? Most people do. We have a tradition, every Easter Monday we walk up to our local park and watch the morris dancers herald in Spring.




We have been doing this for about the last 30 years, sometimes the weather is cold, windy and wet, but this year it was perfect. They process through the park playing whistle, drum and melodeon….




The tunes are catchy I find I’m humming them for the rest of the day…



You have to be fit…



The ladies get to do it to.




And when they finish in the park they tour some of the local villages dancing in the pub car park or village square.



Spring is really here…..texturetuesdaybutton-240


12 thoughts on “Spring Tradition

  1. What a wonderful tradition Viv! You are always finding new and interesting things to try. I want to check out the ones you mention. I have found some new FB groups too recently and am easing off on blogging — I want to spend more time creating a body of work. And I don’t have much access to wifi so I can’t drop in as much as I used to. But I always find something inspiring and delightful when I do! Happy spring to you and yours!


  2. Ah this is delightful to see and I love the colorful costumes. Would love to have something like this here. But none sad to say.


  3. What a great tradition! We have nothing like that here. And I hear you about blogging…. I go back and forth. Searching for just the perfect way to connect with others.


  4. Spring traditions! First hike on the first really warm spring day! Had ours this week then the next day it promptly snowed! Wonderful photos and I am intrigued by the links you gave. I hear you on blogging.The new apps put it all in one place; post yours and view friends. Problem is posting photos taken on your camera to these sites are not easy on a PC – double the work. Every one is using iphones but mine is old and I love my art in using my camera.


  5. I am so happy you and your hubby visited the American SW for your Anniversary. This wonderful post on traditions is awesome! What a delightful event!!! I enjoy blogging much more than facebook….I have met dozens of people all over the world that I have come to really care about through blogging. Facebook is lukewarm at best, with some people (including me) hardly ever contributing, and I hate how you can’t find what you saw yesterday because it’s already buried. Nope, not my thing! 🙂


  6. How I love Morris dancers. I remember when we lived in England watching them dance and play in the village. Such a wonderful tradition, and happy you keep up your end of it as well!


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