Light and Dark – The Studio Edition

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Prompts for 16th March were for shadow play, I know this isn’t quite what Kim planned for me to do but hey, I went with the flow and this is what I came up with…Both photos were taken with my iPhone 5s.

Taken late afternoon when the shadows were lengthening, giving the image a vintage look.



 Processed in Lightroom, preset Softness of Time. Taken into Photoshop and a chalkboard texture added from FrenchKiss. I then added an overlay from Anna Aspnes AASPN_Capture.




A lighter image taken in full sun earlier in the day.





Frame by Anna Aspnes. brush by me….




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9 thoughts on “Light and Dark – The Studio Edition

  1. Viv, I hope you are feeling better…..I love both shots….The spoons are wonderful and of course I always love color so the second one is perfect….


  2. For me that is what a prompt is all about, taking it and making something that is you and these just specks so well of your style. I love that about you and I am trying to do the same this year, just be me with my photography. To me that shows growth. Really lovely and beautiful work Viv.


  3. Wow! These couldn’t be more different, but both are so beautiful. I love the high contrast, vintage feel of the first one (those spoons are exquisite!) and the light and airy feeling of the second. That cup with the tiny red hearts is adorable.


  4. That first shot is amazing! It’s the perfect shadow play! I am very impressed with its artistic flavor! Also, I wanted to tell you that I was very moved by your Profile “advice.” Thanks. And thanks for visiting an commenting on my blog.


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