Learning to let go…

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Celebrating my recent finds….

 Some examples of my digital art. Most of the time at the moment I’m using Anna Aspnes supplies, her work is perfect for my thoughts. I’m returning to my first love digital scrapbooking, being as artful as possible.


 Using AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteBlossom, ArtPlayPaletteBeautifulDay ,Urbanstitchez

The wonderful scarf is from Knock Knock Linen on Etsy see them HERE




A sweet little perfume bottle found locally.

colourFrames by Katie Pertiet, brushes by Anna Aspnes.

My new Anthropologie cup inspired a watercolour layout.


Supplies Anna Aspnes

I love seaside colours, the houses and the beach huts…

Have a sunny weekend…….


19 thoughts on “Learning to let go…

  1. These are so lovely Viv. This is were you shine and where you stand out! I can tell that this is a love and a passion for you, don’t lose that.


  2. Viv, your digital art is always so amazing and Anna Aspnes products are the best I do agree! My goodness – I love your cup and how it inspired that amazing layout! Have fun at Anthro!!


  3. Your joy for digital scrapbooking certainly shows! I love your colorful Anthro cup and the way you brought out all the colors in your art. These are happy images indeed. Have a wonderful, sunny weekend, Viv!


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