It’a all random



The unexpectedness of beauty around the corner. Sunflowers in a florist in the Seven Dials district of London.







Found this on Pinterest. I’m going to try it out…


Busking on the Southbank.What a voice.




I’m enjoying playing with my digital stash




 Supplies by Sissy Sparrow

Don’t you just love this… Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden..


Have a great weekend…

Kim Klassen dot com





17 thoughts on “It’a all random

  1. Viv, the sunflowers are gorgeous….they are just reminding us of what’s ahead when spring finally gets here… your digital page….I hope you have a wonderful weekend….


  2. 1. What lovely and cheery sunflowers.
    2. Cute project but I’m not sure if it’s something edible or just what that is.
    3. How fun to listen to a street preformer.
    4. Good to enjoy one’s art isn’t it.
    5. That is a cool looking sculpture.


  3. Recently, someone asked me what is my favorite type of photography, and I was puzzled over how to answer the question. And your post today illustrates my point exactly. I love to learn, simply for the sake of learning, and I love variety in my life – my photography, my hobbies and activities, my food, and so on. I can see from your Friday Finds that you appreciate variety as well – and that you see the natural beauty in every thing with a grateful heart. Oh, your sunflower picture is absolutely one of my all time favorite images – and I’ll confess that I wish I had been with so I might have taken this picture, too. I think the texture and the darker tones make this image truly unique. Love the young woman singing with all her heart. Great to see your play with digital art – and the colors of the wall art sculpture are fabulous, too!


  4. Hi Viv,
    Love the sunflowers. The lemon sugar scrub with coconut oil looks good enough to eat ..Ha! I bet I would smell good after using the scrub. Great shot of the busker … I love street music. Fun and colorful post. Happy Friday!


  5. The scrub looks delightful. Mallory makes one she found on Pinterest and just loves how smooth her skin is after she does it. Love the sunflowers and Covent Garden!


  6. Love the variety of your images Viv ! I also found sunflowers in a store this week, beautiful, cheery flowers ! I’ve enjoyed seeing London through your eyes 🙂


  7. I love the sunflowers and the sunshine that you found on this day…all the photos are lovely…but I love Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden…it’s been a long time since i’ve been there…such a joy to view your London work…


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