Tuesday – Tales from Londontown.


Well here I am in the big city or, ‘up the smoke’ as my east London relatives would say….

Every where you look there is an icon, Big Ben or St Stephen’s Tower to give it it’s proper title is almost the symbol of London. I was sitting on the Southbank having a morning Starbucks when it sounded 9 o’clock this morning, what a majestic sound.




 Texture by Kim (magic script)

 In Trafalgar Square there is a temporary installation on the fourth plinth there is an explanation HERE if you are interested.



 Brushes by Anna Aspnes, textures by Kim (stamped softly) and DistressedFX


Walking along the Thames at twilight just as the lamps are lit…


Processed in Lightroom using Kim’s preset (chocolate)

We have two more days here so plenty of icons to visit I love London, but it is hard on the feet….


P.S. Anthropologie wow….


Joining with Kim for Texture Tuesdaytexturetuesdaybutton-240

14 thoughts on “Tuesday – Tales from Londontown.

  1. What fabulous shots, Viv. I especially love the London Eye with the street lamp at lighting-up time. And the dino plinth looks great with the canvas back-drop that you’ve used. They’re all magnificent. Hope you have a great time with us up in the Big Smoke. All the best, Bonny


  2. I especially love the POV of your Ferris wheel shot, but love them all. So moody. Going there in May for the first time. Can’t wait. Love seeing your trip.


  3. I am going in early June and I can’t wait it is just like this is a wonderful glimpse to what I will be seeing. The b/w is gorgeous Viv as well as the rest. Thanks for such a treat this morning.


  4. Wonderful images and processing. I felt like I walked down a London street this morning. You should record Big Ben, I would love to hear it’s majestic sound. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


  5. Your photography is truly amazing! The black and white is perfect, as well as the limited color images …creating the perfect mood for each of the images. I do love the story of the “Gift Horse.” In fact, I love that sculpture!


  6. I love London and you have captured it so perfectly…making me wish I was there right now…so strong in black and white..and it is a strong city, with so much history…the ferris wheel is wonderful and the first shot of the bridge and the clock tower really lift me up…and yes, it is hard on the feet…but so much fun and you can always stop for tea.


  7. Oh, that moody black and white of Big Ben and the Thames — my favorite! The London Eye and lampost — wow! What a wonderful trip for you. Thank you for sharing the feel of London with all of us. Curt and I are dreaming of visiting London in about a year. Your images are certainly inspiring!


  8. I remember walking to exhaustion while we were in London, but oh so worth it. I love that shot of the lamp with the London Eye in the background, gorgeous!


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