Friday Finds




What I’m listening to – Jolie Holland listen HERE


This week Mark and I travelled to Salisbury to visit Barbara my groupie friend who has moved to this historic and wonderful cathedral city. To quote Bill Bryson.:

“There is no doubt in my mind that Salisbury Cathedral is the single most beautiful structure in England and the close around it the most beautiful space. Every stone, every wall, every shrub, is just right.

~ Notes from a Small Island 

There I found –























Have a wonderful weekend. Mark and I are off to London for a few days so weather permitting I will be out hunting with my camera….








26 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Stunning and thought-provoking images, Viv. I love the war cross with its missing arc. I’ve never been to Salisbury, but, having read your post, it’s on my list of places to go to over the summer. All the best for a lovely weekend, Bonny


  2. I’ve not heard of Jolie Holland before but I’ll be checking out her music now. I really liked the song you posted.
    Also some lovely photos here today. My favorites were: Solitude and Beauty. – Sounds like you are having a lovely trip.


  3. Viv, these photos are all so lovely! I’ve been following your journey on IG and FB and am so envious. I would love, love, love to visit Salisbury.


  4. Oh Viv, your post today is a restoring photo essay. I love the simple addition of a caption to direct my thoughts without constraining my own journey. And your music choice makes me feel at peace with my life and my choices – I’m gonna fly. This is music I can work to (and this is rare for me) . . and so I am grateful to you for the suggestion.


  5. I sure like how your blog is laid out. I think I’ll take the plunge this week. Looks like the perfect place to visit. Or live.


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