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“A collection of various items, parts, or ingredients.”
 Family finds
In this set of photographs I am wearing many hats. A Be Still Class, a prompt from The Studio. The subjects of this series are part of the family history.
The violin was owned by Mark’s great uncle Will Dermott. Will signed up to go to war when he was only 18.
-Pte AW Dermottwill dermott
He was killed in action shortly afterwards. so as you can see this instrument is precious.
-Pte AW Dermott bac of his photo in uniformwill dermott
The music books belonged to Mark’s mother and father, they loved music and had a piano in the music room where Pat played and Richard sang. Sometimes at Christmas when the children were little we all stood and sang carols together. We have quite a collection of originals.
We have bought some black material as a backdrop I love it,  so now I can be as organic and moody as I like. Also to add to our photography equipment we have bought a little Manfrotto monopod, I can see we will be fighting over it !!!
 Have a great weekend…..
 PS apologies for the layout of the blog , WordPress is being very awkward !!!

16 thoughts on “Friday a Miscellany

  1. Really exquisite images, Viv. And what a sad story to go with them. How lovely to have the precious violin and shared love of music still in the family. Those sing-songs must have been very bitter sweet for your in-laws. I’ll bet they thought of their lost music-maker every time anyone tinkled the ivories or played a chord. Your photos have paid a beautiful tribute to his memory. All the best for a lovely weekend, Bonny


  2. What a great story and such a handsome lad to only have lived such a short life, so precious Viv and each one has such an earthy organic feel to them. Beautiful tribute. I l also love the new header. I just finished watching The Land Girls, so good much like reading a good book didn’t want it to end. I didn’t know that there were these girls that worked the farms and estates during the war.


  3. Lovely Viv. Such rich family history and so sad about the loss of a young man only 18 years old. We just got done watching the HBO series Band of Brothers about WWII. I can’t even imagine the terrible loss so many suffered.


  4. Oh Viv, these are all special photos made with special love! My heart is gripped reading about Mark’s great uncle losing his life so young…so many did, and still are. But the memories packed into these photos are priceless and such treasures…just so beautiful!! This is quite inspiring to me…I need to make more family heirloom collages with family stories and get on a DVD. Love the new black background fabric, and the tapestry fabric! xx


  5. These images are lovely family heirlooms, Viv, thank you for sharing the story behind them. It is sad his uncle was lost at such a young age. We always need to remember our soldiers and their sacrifices that help keep us safe.


  6. what beautiful photos – really loving the composition and vignettes. And such a touching, yet tragic family tribute….to several generations. I have a large collection of old photos – unfortunately none of them are relatives (purchased at flea markets around the world). But I guess I can make them up as I go along : ) So nice that you have the real stories.


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