Be Still 52 – Week 36 Magazine Inspiration

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This week I discovered photos I haven’t looked at for years. The top one is an example taken in Malta nearly 3 years ago and ‘gathering dust’ in the archives. Back then I didn’t have Lightroom. so wow –  what I can now do to these photos. I hope Kim doesn’t mind as this was a piece of ‘homework’ from Be Still. I actually used an idea from a good few years ago now that Kim posted in one of her classes about creating a colour board.

Her prompt made me think of warm sunny days in hot places, sitting in the shade with a cold drink, wandering through little narrow lanes never really knowing where you would end up. I created a colour board which made me think of a magazine layout before publication.






Medina, Malta, June 2012



The plants above the models prompted me to look through my archives and find this image of wild roses past their best but still beautiful…





 Taunton October 2014


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15 thoughts on “Be Still 52 – Week 36 Magazine Inspiration

  1. Nothing like a beautiful European city lane that can’t make your heart pitter patter, so lovey. Yeah I would think of this place also as inspiration. And oh my that rose is pure heaven. So gorgeous Viv.


  2. Oh how I would love to walk down that lane in Malta! It is a beautiful image. I have been taking old photographs I had before Lightroom and ‘fixing’ them too. Lightroom changes everything!


  3. The photos are beautiful by themselves but I love the whimsical addition of the color splashes. That first photo looks so warm and inviting right now as I sit in my snug home, looking out at the frozen tundra outside my window, with single digit temps in the air. Yes, bring on a warm, sunny place.


  4. Viv… oh my goodness… BRILLIANT… love this all so much… beautiful … love how you took the spark and created such lovely art… and this makes me wanna make a colour board again. : )

    lovely… happy weekend… xo


  5. I love your photos – so warm looking, and they really do capture the flavor of that “inspiration” spread. I also love your color board treatment. I’ve seen them done before but with the color swatches either circles or rectangles. I’d love to know how you made those lovely “brushstrokes” of color.


  6. Super photos, Viv. The splashes of colour from your colour board accentuate the photos, and I found my eye trying to match where they’d come from, which made me look longer and harder at the photos. This must be a great technique for magazine editors/ advertisers who want to get people to linger longer over their promotional images. All the best, Bonny


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