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Using this image as a prompt from the wonderful Free People Blog ( thanks Kim).






I created this ….





That was fun. I found a new place to use to take photographs it’s not pretty but it’s great. I do have to use a tripod though…


room layout-1200529



Finally a layout. editorial



22 thoughts on “Editorial-ish

  1. Oh you have made a lovely layout for the theme Viv! I love your “bts” shots and seeing how it came together. My tripod is mostly in the case…I like the freedom to move around a scene with my camera. So good!!


  2. Viv, you did a wonderful job on this prompt from Kim. I’m glad you showed us your setup as it’s always helpful to see how others are putting their elements together…


  3. This is so wonderful and creative, Viv – I just love your style! And thank you so much for showing us your process and setup – it really helps to see how it’s done!


  4. Such beautiful work, Viv! I love your first shot – so light and white yet still full of the nitty and gritty! This looks like such a fun assignment especially for us scrappers!


  5. Great take on the editorial-ish prompt! I love the wrinkles and crinkles in the background and all the different textures in the image. I also liked seeing how you created the shot.


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