Friday Finds – Rediscover

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What I’m listening to…. The James Riley Band check them out HERE


This week thanks to my lovely husband and my birthday gift, I have rediscovered my love of playing with layers and digital scrapping. I have been feeling a bit meugh recently about my scrapping. I feel as if I haven’t progressed in learning new techniques. But with a larger and more beautiful screen I’m feeling enthusiastic again…. This was a page I created whilst thinking about Kim’s post in The Studio about photographing from above…




Supplies Anna Aspnes

Some typography.

wabisabi layout-

my own design

Finally some Gerbera gorgeousness….


Supplies by Cathy Zielske and Kim K…

Have a great weekend….



15 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Rediscover

  1. Stunning work! Such beautiful details and colors. The gebera daisy, always my favorite as they seem to just brighten up any space. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspirations.


  2. I love the vivid pink of the gerbera – one of my favourite flowers. I think the times of not feeling so creative makes rediscovery all the more sweeter. It’s always in you Viv just sometimes it likes to hide.


  3. Amazing digital pages! This is something I’m interested in, just not sure I have the extra time to pursue it! Love the daisy, they are such happy and beautiful flowers!


  4. So happy your enjoying your new birthday gift already and it has fired you up again…your photo’s here are lovely and creative…and the gerber daisy is my favorite color…love the deep raspberry…
    I’m grooving out to your James Riley band as I write to you…I loved watching the video on youtube…did you notice all the lovely bokeh in the jars hanging above him…super cute…thanks Viv…


  5. Viv, these are absolutely gorgeous. You are so talented and creative. I especially love your last photo. I am a little late this week at going through last week’s FF, sometimes it just so hard to keep up. Have a great weekend!


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