Texture Tuesday –


Listening to this such lovely music  Show of Hands listen HERE

Sometimes I find inspiration all around other days not so much…You have to grab it and run when it does appear… This last week it has been all about still life.



 kk_waterfront27 and one of Kim’s brushes


Showcasing some of my favourite props. Pretty fabric, bottle,  ribbon and hearts lots of hearts….



16 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday –

  1. Lovely photos, Viv. I like how you’ve included only one colour and left everything else neutral: it really lifts the images. You’ve got great props. I love the spool. I bought some similar ones recently in Tiger. Don’t know if you’ve got one of their shops near you, but they do really nice trims and ribbons on little old-fashioned-looking wooden spools for a pound a pop. I bought in part for the ribbon (which I have used), but with an equally beady eye on them as photo props. All the best, Bonny


  2. Viv… these images tell such a lovely story….
    i adore the draped linen in the background…. and the light in each is so lovely…..

    beautiful….. have a wonderful week….
    so happy to have you in the studio…THANK YOU…

    xo, Kim


  3. Viv, As usual, you’ve given me inspiration. I’m missing my walks outside, too cold, and longing to make something. You pictures set my heart to still life scenes, and perhaps I’ll follow your lead this week. Love your sense of composition and how each piece adds an element to the story. Your edits are soft and lovely!


  4. Beautiful, Viv! And it’s so true: some days are full to the brim with inspiration, other days, not so much. Lately I’ve been brimming with ideas but it’s been too grey to shoot, even on my back porch. Surely the sun will come out tomorrow … ?


  5. Love that blue ribbon on the spool, that is a beauty. I tried to comment yesterday but for some reason I couldn’t get your page to pull up. Today all was fine. Have a great day!


  6. The bottle catches the light just perfectly. Your processing is wonderful, I love the pop of blue on the bottom image. Inspiration is a fickle thing, I have go with it when it visits or risk loosing it altogether, or at least for that day…


  7. Viv, I love the touch of color in each photograph. I totally understand that some days we have tons of inspiration and others are lacking. I guess it would be overload if everyday was a mountaintop.


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