Texture Tuesday – Slow Down


What I’m listening to Richard Thompson – Wall of Death from the album Acoustic Classics listen HERE  (terrible picture quality)


Fight against the urge to rush, savour experiences, explore their meanings, learn from them. Take the time to register your feelings.

Turn experiences into wisdom.

– Patrick Lindsay


This so neatly ties into mindful practise. To be in the ‘being’ mode to temporarily suspend judgment. To stand aside and watch the world as it unfolds to be just still. I find this difficult, to be able to approach a problem or situation without any preconceptions. This will be a daily battle but I’m determined to persevere.






The light was wonderful on Sunday. Blue sky, frost and sun a perfect combination. The tree is smothered in Mistletoe probably not good for the tree but a great subject for photography…









So this week why don’t you slow down and breathe…


19 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday – Slow Down

  1. Viv, The light, oh that glorious light. Can you believe that we are both living slowly enough to see it, to savor the experience, and to explore it’s meaning. Your photos today are coincidentally similar to mine – not in subject -but in experience – watching a scene unfold, approaching problems (in my case – high contrast) without preconceived notions. I’ll be posting later this morning – just putting on the finishing touches. Nice to start my day with you!


  2. My first experience with Richard Thompson and Wall of Death….I realize that my musical “library” is quite limited. 😉 I love reading bloggers’ philosophical approaches to life, recognizing that mine are fairly mundane. Almost 13 years ago, I retired after 34 years of teaching, and I slowed down then. My children had grown and left and my husband was (is) still working. I “slow down” quite frequently. Your silhouetted tree is fabulous!


  3. Before I even get to your post…my ears hear your lovely music…I hope I can get this song…sometimes I can’t get what you post…and then the quote…such a beautiful one…one to think about often…I’m going to copy it and put it on my desk…next you give me the light and the beauty of being outside..your first photo is magical with the star burst and the other…well just soothing to look at…love the Gazebo…


  4. Such a wonderful mistletoe- garlanded tree. It looks like it’s wearing pompoms, and the light is awesome. I could really do with practising a little bit of that “just being” approach to life and problems myself. It’s a great philosophy. Also congratulations on being chosen by Kim. Your selected photo looked wonderful too. All the best and stay cosy in all this cold weather, Bonny


  5. I love coming to visit because I know your words of wisdom are going to help me slow down and enjoy the moment. The hard part is doing so without judgement or pre conceived ideas. I am not familiar with this music and so delighted that you shared. It’s amazing how our interaction in blogland can become so fulfilling and encouraging.. I value your friendship….


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