Texture Tuesday – Down and Dirty


What I’m listening to Kathleen Edwards – from the album ‘Voyageur’  listen HERE

 When you are able to sit without any image or any sound, with an open mind, that is true practice. When you can do that, you are free from everything.

–  Shunryn Suzuki

We took a trip to Bath on Sunday it’s an hour and a half from where we live, but we only visit every few months or so. Bath is a World Heritage Site and consequently it is always full of visitors so not very good for photographers unless you are a street photographer ! Then there are buskers, market stalls and all sorts of folk. They have the best craft and sewing shop called The Makery, where they run workshops and sell what I always call haberdashery such a great word, check them out HERE. Also Anthropologie has opened so of course we had to visit and I bought the cutest….. you’ll have to wait till Friday for that !



I went gritty with these images and used a Project Life template for speed, and Kim’s canvasback texture.






19 thoughts on “Texture Tuesday – Down and Dirty

  1. good morning Viv … Oh that haberdashery shop looks like such a treasure!! In fact the whole town does! I need to live in Europe or at least visit sometime … everything here is so new in comparison. What did you find in Anthropologie?


  2. I enjoy your travel posts so much! I’ve been in love with Great Britain all my life and in spite of three (too brief) trips over, always long for more. Thanks for the visit to Bath today!


  3. I want to visit, too! Maybe one day I’ll cross “the pond” and visit all these places. Right now, I’m enamored with the moors. You’ll have to thank Emily Bronte and Wuthering Heights for that!


  4. The people in your photo are not a distraction at all. They make it look real rather than like a movie set. I’ve heard so much about Bath, I’d love to visit. I look forward to more Bath posts from you.


  5. It is really special to know you Viv, living in England and sharing with us so far off, who might never get to see your side of the world…historical architecture and old world buildings, and words are so fascinating! Haberdashery…love that word. Lovely, lovely photos, but I love the one with the colorful boats. Yes, we want to see what you found at Anthro!! on Friday. 🙂


  6. Bath has such charm, and you’ve captured it in your collage. I was able to visit once from the US and loved being there. I drank a sample of the water (weird), heard a concert at the cathedral, and toured the baths. Thanks for bringing back great memories with your photos!


  7. We were there on one our trips…Such a beautiful and interesting place…We spent the day. I really does take that long to absorb it all…YOur photo’s are beautiful Viv and they take me back…to those that have not been they tell a story…and your music, which I am listening to right now, goes perfectly with the images…
    The Quote…well I just got back from meditation so it’s just perfect for me.


  8. Bath, England, oh so long ago I spent time there. I wouldn’t even know where my photos are from that particular trip. Your pictures brought back memories long lost. A beautiful part of England…of course, ALL parts of England are unique and very special. Thank you.


  9. Would love to visit Bath someday, it looks so charming. My son travels there occasionally for work…he loves it . And Anthropologie is there, how nice! I spend way too much money in that store 🙂


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