Be Still weeks 27, 28 and 29

Be Still 52, Blog

It’s catch up time. For weeks 27, 28 and 29 I used the same chair with different props.









Using black foam core, Kim’s texture ‘magic film’ and a preset that I created called, ‘green bottle’. I had to use a tripod the light was very poor but I’m pleased with the outcome…

Weeks 28 and 29, 3 things a chair and side light.



A little felt heart I made, with a card from Liz Lamoreux and a pretty plaster heart I picked up on my travels. I used a preset I made called ‘chalk’ then into PS for a texture or two.




The light is coming from the right and I love the tiny bit of shadow on the cap. Again same preset and Kim’s texture ‘aurora’ a particular favourite.





Finally a sweet little jug, a pink heart and a little hanging bag that I made. Can you guess I love hearts !!!!

12 thoughts on “Be Still weeks 27, 28 and 29

  1. When I see your beautiful photos, I’m inspired to work at catching up, too. I did do the chair/sidelight and had a great deal of fun. You have some wonderful photo props, Viv! How did you come by them? I have prop envy. 😀


  2. Viv, you may guess that love the light whites in all the white ones, and how cool to make a preset named “chalk”! You are so talented with those things! The black background and bottle are very striking, showing the details of the glass so beautifully! Gorgeous rough linen! A beautiful wall print series or card prints.


  3. Hi Viv,,,, wow,,, I am loving all your beautiful pics,,,,, the one with the green bottle is so striking,,,, congrats on all of these lovely images,,,,,


  4. Well, these are simply fabulous! I’m just finishing with Week 1 of Be Still Two….and I’m all tangled up in Lightroom right now, unable to figure out what to do. As it is, I think I’ll uninstall, read a pdf about LR5 and start over! You created your own presets…I’m so impressed. The photos are delightful, and that ‘love’ cup is precious. I don’t see myself doing more than creating photo “art” in this next year. I’m certainly going to enjoy the photos of artists such as you!


  5. I am so happy I didn’t miss this altogether…it is just so lovely, especially the white cup and the lovely pink heart…so sweet. Love it. Such a nice job on . I love all of these Viv…it is such a joy visiting you blog.


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