Can you hear me ?



What I’m listening to –  Keb Mo -Every Morning – from the album “Keb Mo” listen to it HERE

Instead of finding balance this week I have totally lost it, in fact I may change my word to MINDFUL. And the reason why, is that I am like a butterfly, flicking  backwards and forwards never stopping  on anything. I have two favourite types of creativity, digital art and manipulation and contemplative photography but this week I have been doing some hands on fabric work. My head is buzzing. I’m going to write down what I want to achieve rather than ‘faffing about’ and not getting anything finished.


I found a great quote this week.

‘Simple in actions and in thoughts, you return to the source of being.’

– Tao Te Ching

 Simple is good




Treasures, fabric art and journaling….



Now where is that list ?……

Do you have more than one hobby I’d love to hear what they are ?

Linking up today with Kim who wears many hats…….




13 thoughts on “Can you hear me ?

  1. Writing down is always a good place to start. I have always had a lot of creative enjoyments but I think as I go farther down the road I have now settled on what I like the best and those other things may make an appearance occasionally as part of a short term project.


  2. Viv, I jump from photography to quilting to healthy cooking. And, I’m also working on some fitness goals, so there times for yoga, walking and exercise , too. I find that having more than one hobby is very liberating. When there is no inspiration for one, the other inevitably takes over. I am finding that when I have time to slow down, and maybe even feel a little bored, the most marvelous things happen. My creativity blossoms and everything feels new again. Good idea to write those ideas down – then let them percolate. I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of your creations (beautiful images today)!


  3. Gosh Viv I say go with this madness as you might call it because I really love that first image so so much. And the collage of what you have been up to is a collection of what your creative spirit is all about this week. I am going with lists also this year because I find I make lists all the time but I keep them on my phone because I always have my phone with me. Yes I have another hobby “PBS” love anything England. 🙂


  4. Well written. Love your analogy. Usually when I’m like that I’m trying to avoid something unknown to my conscience was.


  5. I have to make lists. They are usually in the form of a yellow sticky note on my kitchen counter. I have just started picking 3 things that are my priority for the day. I focus on those three things first and then feel like I have accomplished something, even if I am fluttering about the rest of the day. I flutter between photography, yoga, cooking (I want to start more bread baking) and being a mom. Your simple images are beautiful!


  6. I struggle with the same issue; too many things I love to do. It really helps in that I never get bored or run out of things to do. When I get tired of one I just go to another or maybe combine them as in photography and my knitting, spinning, quilting, or art journaling. Sometimes it seems like a curse to love so many different things but I really it’s a blessing one just has to manage and your lists idea helps in that area.


  7. Viv- Great January post! I think I join others in sorting out priorities and trying to focus at this time of the year. Personally, I think it is good to have other interests to help balance our creative selves. At times, I do identify the fact that I’m procrastinating and feel good by getting xy&Z done when I really must focus on a different aspect of life, altogether! Some times I “go with it” and enjoy the diversion, other times, I give myself x-amount of time then nip it in the bud and back to task. That Balance, thing… Right now, I’m getting set to do an intensive three months on my family genealogy work that has been bumped time and time again for other aspects of life or creative diversions. Is it bad that I’ve not found one single word to focus on this year? If you have an itch – scratch it.


  8. I once heard that jumping from one project to another was a sign of genius. Take it and run with it and forget the word. If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. 😀


  9. Hi Viv … I have several hobbies … they are the things that keep me sane! :~) Knitting is my favorite pastime, anytime is am stressed, just two needles puts me back into my happy place! Also quilting, needlework, reading and photography. It is any wonder that I have any time for house cleaning! :~)


  10. I have long lists too, like Nancy, and try to focus on a few things in a day. Switching back and forth between interests and passions is not a problem I find if I and really grounded and in the moment with one thing at a time. When I feel discombobulated is when I’m doing one thing and thinking of several others at the same time. So I always keep the word mindful in mind too. It’s not just a word for 2015 but for life!


  11. Lol! Oh Viv, we’re so much alike. I’ve got enough fabric in my closets to sink a ship. (From quilting days) just can’t let go of most of it. and some mixed media supplies, furniture refinishing, yarns, fabric dyes, silk screen stuff and various craft crap. I itch to return to it but most of it takes more patience which has dwindled in the past years.


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