Be Still Week 30

Be Still 52, My Classes

I’m WAY behind so I’ve have skipped many weeks. Full of good intentions I went to the local flower seller who sells on our local high street . But to my horror NO FLOWERS TODAY…. I wasn’t prepared to walk to the supermarket as I had to catch the bus home. Instead I picked some evergreens from the garden and had a play. Instead of going soft and floaty which I had planned I went for over saturation and gritty. I’m quite pleased with the outcome although my camera was struggling with the light. I have downsized to a compact Lumix and it is fabulous but, mmm it doesn’t compare with grown up cameras.












Hopefully the flower seller will be back soon….





12 thoughts on “Be Still Week 30

  1. Hi Viv! We both had the idea of having a wood background! I’m afraid mine isn’t light and airy – I do love yours … so creative! BTW Aldi’s do good flowers if you have one near you.


  2. Love the textured and garden-y look of these! Quite good for a Lumix. It’s the photographer, not the camera! And good for you doing a Be Still. If we were being graded I’d have a failing grade for sure for poor attendance.


  3. For someone who didn’t get her way at the flower shop I have to say you have outdone yourself here. Each one has it’s own character. I have just been loving your photography and layouts so much Viv. Good for you in switching to the lumix. I am thinking along the same lines with a mirrorless.


  4. You were creative without the florals…I love the natural greenery and wood background, which feels much more wintery. Bravo to you for thinking outside the box. When I saw tulips and hydrangeas in Trader Joe’s a few days ago, that just didn’t seem right. The heart bunting is just plain sweet added to the ivy! Have a great weekend!


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