Thoughts from an early morning

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Music I’m listening to Krista Detor – Robert Johnson has left Mississippi from “Cover their Eyes” a wonderful songstress listen HERE



kk_waterfront 01

Be in the present not the past.
Today is what matters.
the thoughts, encounters and dreams.
The next minute is precious,never to be repeated

Smells, sounds, breathing, tastes – the sun on
my face, the cold snap on my ears.
Sometimes that is all I need.
Breathe, look, touch and smell.


I’m continuing to explore my word for 2015


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23 thoughts on “Thoughts from an early morning

  1. Such a beautiful song choice for today . . . a serene way to start the day. I agree with Sarah, it’s a joy to watch your intention unfold with the beginnings of balance. As a physical therapist, the word balance fascinates me. When we learn to balance, we swing wildly from one extreme to the other, long before we learn the small and intricate moves it takes to appear to be balanced. Even when we appear perfectly still, balanced, we are in fact, making many small adjustments all the time. Seems you are well on your way to a place of balance.


  2. Wise words – as always – Viv. Right now when so many folk are feeling a bit anti-climatic after all the rush and bustle of Christmas and the holidays it’s good to pause and take stock of what’s really important; as you say to find balance in this crazy, chaotic world and to identify and appreciate what really matters. All the best, Bonny


  3. A sense of awareness comes with finding balance…I am constantly reminded of it when I try keeping my life balanced, like a reality check, and not a quick change. Similar to riding a horse with or without reins…no reins, it goes straight back to the barn. Although it isn’t my written word for the year, it is always with me, reminding me. Press on Viv!! Lovely soft image…very soothing.


  4. I’m listening now Viv…later at night…a nice way to end the day here…thank you for your gifts of songs each time I visit..What an amazing poem also…another one I need to keep and print…to remind myself of the balance I need in my life right now…feeling so much better about not overloading myself this year… I hope you are finding joy in your days also..I know with your daughter home it must be lovely…stay in the moment with her…xoxo


  5. This image is so peaceful and graceful, with the curves of the greenery against the soft background. Wishing you a New Year of art and fulfillment and — balance.


  6. Love the green in your photo. Your words fit with what I’ve (for the first time) chosen as my word for the year ~ JOY as I need to start appreciating what I have in the daily walk. 🙂


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