It’s All About Balance

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Telling my story. My 60th year.


Supplies by Captivated Visions, Rosey Posey and Nancie Rowe Janitz.

More thoughts on my one word for the year. But also my mantra .

BALANCE ******      Work, Exercise, Play.

NURTURE ******** Read, Research, Write, Meditate.

GROW **********     Bolder, Experiment, Find Adventure.


12 thoughts on “It’s All About Balance

  1. Love your page Viv! Just this morning I was thinking about Balance being my word this next year. Mainly because my hormones have been so wacky lately and my thyroid! LOL Have a good week end.


  2. I like your selection of words for the new year. I too am having a problem deciding on just one. Maybe this is the year for several words or a phrase….Merry Christmas….


  3. Oh yes the elusive Balance in our lives, I know I keep trying to get more balance and for me it is so hard to achieve. I will be working along with you to achieve this again for 2015. I love how you have presented it, and have giving so much thought in your page. Beautifully done as always.


  4. You are defining 60 in a life-affirming way. How right you are to embrace this stage of life (I’m right behind you). Your words of the year resonate with me, too. They are simple, reasonable, guide words and I wish you tremendous success on your journey!


  5. Congratulations on using this year to embrace your age and everything it means to have arrived there. I find myself using the word balance so much recently. It just seems like it is the key to so many things, physically, and emotionally!


  6. Yes, balance is so very important – something I struggle with on a regular basis. I’m hoping the word I chose – “Shift” – will help me to shift my attitude and actions in a direction that makes things more balanced in my life. All the best in 2015!


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