Don’t Worry Be Happy – Friday


Music I’m listening to Loreena Mckennitt – Mummer’s Dance listen HERE

I received my first Christmas present today and as my dear friend was flying back to Spain we exchanged presents in a beautiful little tea room that she discovered.  I was blown away, she really ‘gets me’ well we have known each other for 25 years.  First of all this is what I got her.  For the past few years I have always given her a hand crafted present, a Blurb book of photographs and quotes. But this year I made her a canvas to put on her bedroom wall.


As you can see I used Kim’s most gorgeous vines and hearts I so love using them. the quote was from Jon Kabat Zinn somebody we both love.  She gave me the most wonderful book .


Oh it is going to sit by my side.  Here is a quote.

Time of solitude-

Time to reflect on friendship.

Both a necessity:

Solitude to find one’s self

Friendship to find one’s self.

If you have a special someone a good friend I so recommend this beautiful book.

Do you like my pretty measuring spoons ? A find in TK Maxx.

Finally a bit of digital art.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. We pick Jo up on Tuesday I’m so excited…..





Supplies by Anna Aspens

Kim Klassen dot com

17 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Be Happy – Friday

  1. Hi Viv, nice to see you make one more post before Jo arrives! This one is simply so refreshing and lively…sharing your special gift exchange with a long time friend! Nothing could be more special than receiving a gift so perfect! The book looks just wonderful…simple, meaningful quotes inside. I know you’ll cherish it. And as for your digital art! Superb as always! Enjoy every single moment with Jo, and Merry Christmas to you!


  2. What lovely gifts you both exchanged. How fortunate to have such a good friend for 25 years. Love the book and the measuring spoons and of course the digital art.


  3. I love your canvas, Viv. What a super present and so beautifully done. The book and measuring spoons are lovely too. What a great collection of very special, very personal presents. All the best for a super weekend, Bonny


  4. Oh my we are on the same theme this year…I had my Girlfriends tea on Wednesday but more about that later…
    I have to get that book she gave you…I just love Haiku…sometimes I make up my own so since we are already done with Christmas shopping I will put that book on my birthday list which is in January…and your work to her…she will hang that and look at it every day and think of you, her special friend….
    We are truly blessed in some of the most interesting and loving people we met on this path called life…

    A morning glory
    not knowing of our drinking


  5. Oh, the gift of friendship, especially a lifelong friend, is one of the most vital elements for a happy and fulfilled life. Happy for you that you know the joy of friend who truly “gets” you. Love the quotes in this post – and your digital art just amazes me. I LOVE the stitching, the white space, and the little picture peeking through – simply beautiful and restful! Your gifts to each other – chosen with care – both so perfect.


  6. I love how you still have a good friend after all these years, so special and I don’t think happens often enough. Wonderful to have this friendship and with a person who gets you, a gift in itself.


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