Look Behind You !


This time of year and especially at Christmas it is traditional for ghost stories to be told around a crackling fire. Apparently this isn’t just a Victorian invention although Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins and MR James were practised narrators of the tradition. Roger Clarke author of A Natural History of Ghosts: 500 years of Hunting of Proof reports that just before Christmas 1642 shepherds were said to have seen ghostly civil war soldiers battling in the skies. Of course today there are some wonderful tales, Susan Hill for example the author of A Woman in Black is a wonderful storyteller.



The growth of photography brought the advent of spirit photography – there were people who charged enormous fees, and used various tricks, to picture sitters with ghostly images of dead loved ones. William Mumler, for instance, who created a famous image of Mary Todd Lincoln with the ghostly hands of her dead husband, Abraham Lincoln resting on her shoulders.


Processed on the iPad using, DistressesFX and Stackables.



Of course you can do anything in Photoshop these days !



My big news is that my daughter Jo is coming home for Christmas after 8 months in New Zealand, so I probably won’t be posting much until the New Year.  So compliments of the season everyone and have a wonderful peaceful time full of fun and happiness.





24 thoughts on “Look Behind You !

  1. Wonderful images, and yes you can do anything in Photoshop or on your phone now days, so crazy. What those early photographers had to work so hard at is as easy as a couple of clicks now days. Have a wonderful time with Jo, may your time together be blessed.


  2. I didn’t know that about the Christmas Stories, you images really show this and I am such a fan of fog in any image as it gives such a beautiful quality of light in them. Really special and beautiful images Viv.


  3. Such beautiful images. Love the last one. It’s has a Charles dickens feel about it.
    Enjoy your time with Jo.. The reconnects are always so lovely.
    May the season be gentle with you. Xo


  4. This was an interesting post and I learned about ghost photography so many years ago. I like your last image…yes it does remind me of A Christmas Carol. So happy Jo will be home with your family this Christmas, and I wish you a lovely and beautiful season. Enjoy every single minute!! xx


  5. Ooooo such fabulous images. Love them both. So glad Jo is coming home. You’ll have the most fabulous time. I await all your adventures.


  6. Always impressed with your unique digital scrapbooking. And you’ve used the card I sent you and created a lovely image with it! I love it!


  7. I love the misty, fogginess of your images – so mysterious and so beautiful!

    Glad that your daughter is coming home for the holidays – enjoy your time together!


  8. Oh, I always love a good ghost story … anytime of the year! One of our favorite things to do in Charleston, South Carolina is the ghost walks. I know Jo has had the time of her life in NZ but I’m so happy for you that she’s coming home for the holidays. YAY!


  9. Fab photos…beautifully processed Viv.
    You have reminded me that I still haven’t seen The Woman in Black; must sort that.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family; you must be really looking forward to it


  10. Viv, I really enjoyed today’s post. That last little photo, of your holiday decorations with the barn photo in the background, really makes the season come alive for me. That picture says home for the holidays perfectly. So happy for you that your daughter will be visiting – and yes, you must put your time with her first! The history of the haunting tales was fascinating along with your ethereal photographs. My son passed a book along to me, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which had many of these types of photographs with a mysterious story as well – I enjoyed the read and perhaps you might, too. Happy Holidays and I’ll look forward to more of your stories and art in the new year.


  11. I love these whimsical images! And your daughter’s visit is the best news! I just found out today that my daughter is flying here for Christmas. We didn’t think she would be able to make it. I know that’s the best “gift” of the season! Wishing you a blessed and merry Christmas!


  12. That first one here is al all-time fave of mine of your images. Have a fabulous time with your daughter and the rest of your family over the holidays. Look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for the New Year.


  13. Lovely atmospheric photos ! I just downloaded Stackables….it’s rather an addictive app ! Love what you did with it. Have the BEST time with Jo, I know you’ve been missing her. Enjoy the holiday with her and have fun !


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