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What I’m listening to  Natalie Merchant – House Carpenter’s Daughter

As the autumn moves into winter the urge to cuddle up with a cuppa and a book seems more attractive than getting blown apart and rained on. So on days when photography is not possible I hope to pull out some of my books and rediscover and learn. The little books are altered books that I created years ago when I was part of a Yahoo group. We would create some pages and then pass it on to the next one in the group. Finally your book would land on your mat full of beautiful art from people all over the world.




I hope to return to some form of hands on art over the winter even if it is just some background pages for scrapping.




Happy Friday…











18 thoughts on “Friday a Rediscovery

  1. Heading into another winter, and I’m already feeling like you Viv…that cuddling up urge and enjoying some creativeness that gets ignored when I fully focus on photography. Your altered books sound very intriguing, and a fun project. I always admire your digital works, and the bottom image is so beautiful, creative, and thought provoking. Enjoy your day Viv!


  2. Such a wonderful project – the collaboration of artists and their works – to make a personal treasure for each participant. Yes, I’m filling the shift toward winter months, too. Like you, I am seeking work with my hands. Think I might start work on another quilt, and I have a stack of books to read for education and inspiration. Love your photos for today – that little cuppa peeking into the scene and the collage of words and books, too!


  3. I hate the fact that winter is closing in and I will soon be housebound. But I too will get out my books and learn, learn, learn. As well as work on some of the projects I have put off all year.


  4. You always give me good choices to look at in the way of book art, love that and your digital work is always so beautiful. Living in the desert that is when we get out during this time of year so quite different for the rest of the world. I do my staying in during the summer so kinda reverse for me. But I always look forward to just being still and going in a different direction and not focus on photography from time to time. I will be doing that I am thinking in the next few months. I think we all need that in order to get some creative spirit back. Have a good day Viv, love the images and the editing is just so wonderful.


  5. What a lovely idea! Your books look amazing! I don’t blame you for not wanting to go out and about. I’m doing a spot of nesting and keeping cosy indoors too … busy with cooking and baking. All the best for a lovely weekend, Bonny


  6. I’m feeling the pull of winter hibernation, too. In fact, Wednesday it rained all day and I spent the day cuddled up on the couch with a book. I love the idea of traveling books of art! I imaging they are full of inspiration!


  7. What a wonderful idea, owning a book with pages filled with art made by different people from all over the world !!
    Would also be a great idea to do that with your family !!
    Love your creation !!


  8. Oh my Viv that button is just so cute and I love the color…I have no doubt that you will create such lovely things over the winter…your creative mind is never on vacation…..Have fun.


  9. Viv, what an interesting post. I will be watching over the “winter”. I am going to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving and get my winter fix.


  10. I always love finding out what your listening to…this weeks selection is wonderful and I do listen to each one that you post…we have similar taste in music. I have no doubt that you will have an art inspired winter, even as you cuddle up…we all have so much in our archives that we can fall back on when we don’t get out…
    Have a lovely weekend Viv.


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